On Russia, De-dollarization, Psychopaths, Monsanto GMO and more

Interview with Paul Craig Roberts – Published on OpEdNews, by Rob Kall, June 12, 2014.

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I talk for almost two hours with Paul Craig Roberts On Russia, De-dollarization, capitalism, Psychopaths, Ed Snowden and NSA, Monsanto GMO. Corporatization of the FDA and more … //

… Rob: What are your thoughts about Monsanto and GMO. You mentioned that in Russia, GMO seeds and farming are being treated as terrorism.  

  • Paul– impossible to get funding for independent studies of GMOs. But what has been found shows incredible destructive effects of GMOs.

Rob: Some are also saying that Monsanto’s herbicides are affecting the bees.

  • main reason for TPP and transatlantic trade agreements gives American corporations immunity to European and Asian laws– so if France bans GMO, then Monsanto can bring a lawsuit against them banning GMOs. You can bet that Monsanto is at the bottom of.

Rob: How about you personally. Do you eat GMO foods?

  • Paul: I’m as careful as I can be, but unfortunately there’s no labeling. Monsanto blocks labeling. I eat organic but you don’t know then if they are GMO.
  • This is why the company is called MonSatan

Rob: I must say I am proud to have been personally attacked by Monsanto’s head of public relations a number of years ago.

Rob: How has Europe held off GMOs and Monsanto?

  • Paul: It’s not a European company and there’s probably more money for research. ” These countries are proud of their food cultures.

Rob: And we have fast food.

Rob: It’s really (FDA) evangelizing for the corporations.

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(His book: How America Was Lost; From 911 to the Police Welfare State, on amazon; all his books on amazon).


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