Why Ukraine’s Civil War Is of Global Historical Importance

Published on Global Research.ca, by Eric Zuesse, June 7, 2014.

… This civil war is of massive historical importance, because it re-starts the global Cold War, this time no longer under the fig-leaf rationalization of an ideological battle between “capitalism” versus “communism,” but instead more raw, as a struggle between, on the one hand, the U.S. and West European aristocracies; and, on the other hand, the newly emerging aristocracies of Russia and of China. Like had happened in World War I, this global war is between two contending aristocratic alliances. (That’s the standard thing, we historians know; it’s nothing unusual there.) However, the documentation of the history is much clearer and far faster for this new war, than for former global wars, regarding which of the two sides had really initiated it, and why … //

… President Obama’s coup in Ukraine is an important part of that 1990-initiated program, and (as the articles that I earlier linked to have documented), he’s being supported crucially in this by the IMF, which represents not only American aristocrats but also west European ones; and (as also was linked there) the Bilderberg meeting, that was just completed, was very much concerned with the civil war in Ukraine, for which reason the IMF’s chief Christine Lagarde was there, and not only David Petraeus, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin, Eric Schmidt, oil-company presidents, and other members and servants to the aristocracy, regardless of which particular side of their respective revolving doors into and out of government (AKA: international corporations and their “charities”) they might happen to be at the moment. (National heads-of-state know better than to come, and the organizing committee for these meetings knows better than to invite them there. Their attendance would raise too many uncomfortable questions in a “democracy.”)

Lots of people in southeastern Ukraine, as the bombs are raining down on them from Blackwater (now called ‘Academi’) mercenaries and the Kiev Government, are shocked and enraged that Putin hasn’t sent in Russian tanks, but the Russian leader knows that doing that would be exactly what the propagandists in the West are hoping for, in order to provide a pretext for Western governments overtly to provide troops and materiel to the Kiev central government, and really expand this thing.

As I have formerly documented (see those links), the reason for this operation against Russia is basically to preserve the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If Putin can hold out long enough, the dollar will collapse and so will the U.S. economy; but it’s probably going to happen anyway, and so the longer that Putin remains “weak” against the U.S. assault, the sooner will come that likely U.S. collapse. This will thus be a war of nerves between Obama and Putin: Obama, to hold off the U.S. collapse; and Putin, to prevent a Russian collapse.

These sorts of wars don’t do anybody any good except some bankers and war-profiteers, but Obama is smart enough to have known at the start that he was rolling very big dice here, and he seems to have thought that the bigger the stakes are, the likelier it would be for the U.S. aristocracy to emerge on top. Future historians will likely have a field day trying to figure out how he came to these bold conclusions; but, if Obama wins, then probably everybody will know how and why, and we historians will have other work to do.

If Obama loses, then Putin might remain quiet simply because of the difficulty he’ll have explaining to the Russian people why he had held back for so long while the Russian-speaking Ukrainians next door were being slaughtered. Even if Putin wins, he’ll probably lose in public esteem. Like I had said: this isn’t a war he wanted.
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