Grand Geopolitical Project: Russia’s Gazprom signs Agreement to Abandon the Dollar

Published on Global, by Umberto Pascali, June 7, 2014.

The announcement that the agreement has been actually signed and not just discussed was made by Gazprom’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Dyukov.

Despite the pressures from Wall Street and its military, propaganda and political apparatus, 9 out of 10 consumers of Gazprom’s oil and gas agreed to pay in Euros. Of course, the big watershed was the Gazprom unprecedented 30-years $400Bl natural gas supply to China signed in Shanghai last May 21 in the presence of President Putin and President Xi Jinping in the middle of the Anglo-american sponsored violent destabilization of Ukraine.  

In fact it is improper to talk a dollar denominated $400Bl, because this “biggest deal” will not be using dollars but the Renminbi (or Yuan) and the Russian Ruble. It links China and Russia economically and strategically for three decades, de facto (and maybe later also de jure) creating an unshakable symbiotic alliance that necessarily will involve the military aspect.

The Russia-China agreement is a clear defeat of the obsessive geopolitical attempts by Wall Street to keep the two country in a situation of competition or, ideally, war-like confrontation. It changes the structure of alliances. It strikes at the historical foundations of British colonial geopolitics (Divide and Rule). Under escalating pressures and threats to their national security, Russia and China overcame brilliantly historical, ideological, cultural differences which had previously been been by the colonial powers (and their financial heirs in Wall Street and the London’s city) for their “Divide & Conquer” strategy.

Furthermore, to the horror of London and Washington, China and Russia concluded an agreement with India (the BRICS!) breaking the other holy tenet of British colonial geopolitics: The secret to controlling Asia, and thus Eurasia has always been to instigate a perennial rivalry between India, China, and Russia … //

… Whoever challenges the dollar hegemony, explained Ivashov, becomes a target.

He gave precise examples: Iraq, Libya, Iran:

the countries which defied dollar dominance invariably came under heavy pressure and in a number of cases – under devastating attacks.” But the “the financial empires built by Rothschilds and Rockefellers are powerless against the five largest civilizations represented by the BRICS.”

Thus, Ivashov advocated a coordinated strategy by countries representing half of the world population to win their independence using their own currency.

The shift to national currencies in the financial transactions between the BRICS countries should guarantee an unprecedented level of their independence…

Since the collapse of the USSR, the countries which defied dollar dominance invariably came under heavy pressure and in a number of cases – under devastating attacks. Saddam Hussein – who banned dollar circulation in all spheres of Iraq’s economy including oil trade – was displaced and executed and his country was left in ruins. M. Gaddafi started switching Libya’s oil and gas business to gold-backed Arab currencies and air raids against the country followed almost immediately… Tehran had to put its plan to stay dollar-free on hold to avoid falling victim to aggression … //

… (full text).

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(mon commentaire:

  • je vois que déjà les WW I et II prévoyaient – entre autres – la réduction massive de la population (génocide) par l’élite dominante du complex militaire-industriel …
  • mon éternel même commentaire concernant la surpopulation: donnez à chaque femme l’indépendance économique / libérez-la de la dépendance économique d’un mari, et elle ne fera qu’un à deux enfants, sinon aucun, et vous n’avez plus besoin de guerres pour réduire la surpopulation … à moins que nos chers mâles préfèrent toujours mourir pour avoir la possession sur ce corps nomé femme – Heidi).

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