Poverty in Europe

Poverty in the European Union on the increase, on Real-World Economcs Review Blog, by merijknibbe. May 29, 2014 … people at risk of poverty or social exclusion … According to Deirdre McCloskey, poverty (and growth) is a much more important problem than inequality …;

680,000 Greek Children at Risk of Living in Poverty, on Greek Reporter, by Nikoleta Kalmouki, May 29, 2014;  

The Eurozone: domestic demand lowflation continues, on Real-World Economcs Review Blog, by merijnknibbe, May 27, 2014;

Poverty to blame for UK child mortality rate, on Deutsche Welle, May 23, 2014;

THE HIDDEN IMPACT OF VIOLENCE, on The Locust Effect/Blog, March 18, 2014 … It’s time to focus on ending everyday violence against the poor (defenseless)—so that communities around the world can be safe enough to thrive;

European platform against poverty and social exclusion, on EC.europa.eu.March 10, 2014;

Ending child poverty in Europe, 5.53 min, uploaded by EuroNewsInternational, Feb 17, 2014;

The Face of Poverty in Europe and Central Asia:

25 Sobering Statistics On Global Poverty That Might Upset You, 4.14 min, uploaded by list25, Dec 24, 2013;

Pinch of Poverty: Millions in EU forced to live close to breadline, 4.04 min, uploaded by RT, Dec 5, 2013;

Over 30% Israelis close to poverty line, 4.15 min, uploaded by Grimnedia, Oc. 18, 2013;

Report: One third of Europe will be in Poverty by 2025‎, 3.02 min, uploaded by Newsnation6, Sept 13, 2013;

Italy has highest percentage of children poverty in Europe, 2.55 min, uploaded by Press TV, May 26, 2012;

Poverty in Europe: the Current Situation, on Inequality Watch, Jan 26, 2012;

EU poverty statistics:



US lawmakers urge France to sell Mistral warships to NATO, not Russia, on Russia Today RT, May 30, 2014;

Maddow: Big Oil beating Tea Party is bad news for TX residents already hurt by fracking, on raw story, by Arturo Garcia, May 30, 2014;

Greece Can’t Accomodate More than 20 Million Tourists, on Greek Reporter, by Nikoleta Kalmouki, May 30, 2014;

New Russian anti-smoking law alarms tobacco industry, on raw story, by AFP, May 29, 2014;

France refuses to block Mistral warship deal with Russia, on Russia Today RT, May 12, 2014;

Police Officer arrests a firefighter while treating an injured human, 1.40 min, uploaded by Grimnedia, Feb 5, 2014 (and many comments);

Russia Today RT/Shows.

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