150 Years of Marx’s Capital

… an audio (LibriVox) recording of Capital, Volume 1 - Published on Socialist Projects.ca, 10 hours, March 19, 2017 … also on YouTube, followed there by other audios in autoplay.


German unemployment - graph 1, on RWER Blog, by merjintknibbe, March 19, 2017;

Deepening EU Banking Crisis Meets Euro-TARP and Taxpayers, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, March 18, 2017;

USA life expectancy vs. health expenditure 1970-2014 compared to other OECD nations, on RWER Blog, by David Ruccio, March 18, 2017;

Podemos Internal Dispute Ends with Iglesias’ Victory, on Tendance Coatesy, by Sarah Morris, Feb 12, 2017;

Spanish state: big issues for Podemos left unresolved by congress, on LINKS.org, by Dick Nichols, March 11, 2017;

Reflections on post-US elections geopolitics, part seven – what is fascism in our times? on Pambazuka News, by Yash Tandon, Mar 09, 2017: in this final essay of a seven-part series, Yash Tandon depicts fascism as a systemic phenomenon arising from the incompatibility of democracy and capitalism. For capitalism to persist, as is the case now, democracy is dispensed with. Hegemonic imperialist powers embody fascism in their relations with the rest of the world. Leaders of African neo-colonies administer the fascist system on behalf of the global corporate and financial fascism;

Richard Wolff, uploaded by Workplace Democracy:
Workplace Democracy, 12.13 min, Oct 23, 2014;
How Class Works, 12.36 min, March 15, 2014;

Website: Project 1917;

… and this:

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