Launch of the Thematic Portfolio on Land and Investments

… by the Land Portal Foundation and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment - Published on, March 15, 2017 (short URL:

Over the past decade, international investments in land have come to the forefront of public debate. Some argue that investments in land, including by foreign entities, is a critical component of achieving food security. Others argue that large scale land acquisitions, or what some refer to as ‘land grabbing,’ on the contrary, undermines efforts to overcome poverty and hunger by further marginalizing already vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers.  

The subject of land and investments covers everything from agriculture to mining, affects a diverse range of stakeholders, and remains highly polarizing.

In order to cut through the complexity, the Land Portal Foundation, together with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), are launching a Thematic Portfolio on Land & Investments … //

… A diverse range of indicators, including from the Agriculture Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI), the Global Donor Platform Map of Donors, the World Bank Rural Development Indicators and the FAO Agricultural Census, shed light on the agricultural sector, which is intimately related to development, land use and land investments.

The latest news, blogs, events and debates from around the world will help you to keep your finger on the pulse of land and investments around the world. Finally, the nearly 1000 publications consolidated from the Land Library on land and investments from diverse reputable publishers will make this thematic portfolio the go to source of information on land and investments.

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(This work is funded by the UK Department of International Development (DFID) as part of the Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) program).

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