Most of the World is Just Collapsing in Laughter

… on Claims that Russia Intervened in the US Election –  an Interview with Noam Chomsky, published on ZNet, by Noam Chomsky, March 44, 2017 … download.

… Gibbs: One of the surprises of the post-Cold War era is the persistence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other US-led alliances. These alliances were created during the Cold War mainly or exclusively for containing the claimed Soviet threat. In 1991, the USSR disappeared from the map, but the anti-Soviet alliance systems persisted and in fact expanded. How do we account for the persistence and expansion of NATO? What in your view is the purpose of NATO after the Cold War?  … //

  • … Right now, where do we stand? Well right at the Russian border, both sides have been taking provocative actions, both sides are building up military forces. NATO forces are carrying out maneuvers hundreds of yards from the Russian border, the Russian jets are buzzing American jets. Anything could blow up in a minute. In a minute, you know. Any incident could instantly blow up. Both sides are modernizing and increasing their military systems, including nuclear systems.
  • So what’s the purpose of NATO? Well actually we have an official answer. It isn’t publicized much, but a couple of years ago, the secretary-general of NATO made a formal statement explaining the purpose of NATO in the post-Cold War world is to control global energy systems, pipelines, and sea lanes. That means it’s a global system and of course he didn’t say it, it’s an intervention force under US command, as we’ve seen in case after case. So that’s NATO. So what happened to the years of defending Europe from the Russian hordes? Well, you can go back to NSC-68,6 and see how serious that was. So that’s what we’re living with.
  • Right now the threat to our existence is Muslim terrorists from seven states, who have never had a single terrorist act. About half the population believes that. I mean you look back at American history and American culture, it’s pretty striking. I mean this has been the safest country in the world forever, and the most frightened country in the world. That’s a large part of the source of the gun culture. You have to have a gun when you go into Starbucks, because who knows what’s going to happen. It just doesn’t happen in other countries … //

… (full interview text, notes).

(First published on FIU Digital Commons, /Class, Race and Corporate Power, /Vol 4, Issue 2, 2016, /download this Article 8 by David N.Gibbs, 9 pages).


EGYPT: Widening circles of threat, on Al-Ahram weekly online, by AHMED ELEIBA, March 4, 2017: the flight from Arish of Christian families is the tip of a sinister iceberg;

Why the system will still win, on Le Monde diplomatique, by Perry Anderson, March 2017: Brexit, Trump’s win, Europe’s populist movements – the West is protesting, from the left and the right, against the neoliberal, globalist orthodoxies of the past 40 years. The term ‘anti-systemic movements’ was commonly used 25 years ago (1) to characterise forces on the left in revolt against capitalism. Today, it has not lost relevance in the West, but its meaning has changed. The movements of revolt that have multiplied over the past decade no longer rebel against capitalism, but neoliberalism …;

ABANDONNED HOUSES, uploaded by wideeyevideo:
A Nutter House – abandoned house on the eastern shore, 3.42 min, March 1, 2017;
Marion Church – abandonned, 14.19 min, Feb 29, 2016;

… nochmals, weil sie so gut ist: Rede bei Unternehmertagung – Gregor Gysi (Die Linke), 60.13 min, uploaded by Mark Mccollum, Jan 27, 2017;

Gespräch – Richard David Precht und Nikolaus Blome, 48.03 min, hochgeladen von Timothée Buffet, Januar 2017;

hochgeladen von Kosake van Ze, beide vom 23. Nov 2016:
ganze Sendung: Was ist gerecht? – Richard David Precht vs Christian Lindner, FDP, 43.31 min, 43.31 min;
Auszug davon: paar Minuten – mit Richard David Precht, 2.51 min;

remember: Left and libertarian right cohabit in the weird world of the genocide belittlers, on The Guardian, by George Monbiot, June 13, 2011: yes, atrocities by the US get little media attention. But that’s no excuse for this revisionism towards Srebrenica and Rwanda;
the International Commission on Missing Persons ICMP is an intergovernmental organization that addresses the issue of persons missing as a result of armed conflicts, violations of human rights, and natural disasters. It is headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands. It assists governments in the exhumation of mass graves and DNA identification of missing persons, provides support to family associations of missing persons, and assists in creating strategies and institutions to search for missing persons … // … are an important aspect of
public international law …;
History of public international law;
Intergovernmental organization;
Public international law;
History of public international law;
Jus gentium;
Custom Law;

… and this:

Komodo National Park, Indonesia, their website:

Komodo Divings:

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