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Sixty-two days into 2017, British women are still waiting for their first paycheck, on Left Foot Forward, March 3, 2017: men in the UK are paid 18 per cent more than women;

House bill would slash US lethal military aid to Ukraine by half, on RT, March 3, 2017;

Reading Marx’s Capital Today, Lessons from Latin America, on The Bullet, Socialist Projects E-Bulletin No. 1377, by Marta Harnecker, March 3, 2017;

German school bans Muslim students from ‘provocative’ praying, sparks heated debate, on RT, March 3, 2017;

New Alliance Between Social Democrats And Right-Wing Populism? on Social Europe, by Jan Helbak and Klaus Krogsbaek, March 2, 2017;

Basic Income’s Radical Role, on Social Europe, by Louise Haagh, March 2, 2017;

Googles künstliche Intelligenz lernt hochaggressives Verhalten und Konzept des Betrugs, auf Der Wächter.net, von Contrapaganda, Feb 27, 2017;

WSWS Editorial Board Chairman David North discusses upcoming lecture series on Russian Revolution, 4.21 min, on WSWS.org, by David North, not dated; (also on YouTube, Feb 17, 2017);

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  • Hallelujah – Brandi Carlile, 6.13 min, uploaded by mborray07 … Live at Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Symphony … more in autoplay.

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