Who is Behind “Fake News”?

… Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images [VIDEOS, PHOTOS] – Published on Global Research.ca, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Feb 28, 2017.

… Four notorious cases of media distortion: … //

… 1. Coverage of CNN 2008 Riots in Tibet: … //
… 2. BBC Coverage of the War on Libya, 2011: … //
… 3. CNN and BBC on 9/11: … //
… 4. The March 2016 Brussels Terrorist Attacks …: … //

… Concluding Remarks:

  • The lies and fabrications of the MSM are not the result of “sloppy journalism”.
  • They are deliberate and are intended to mislead the public.
  • The mainstream media routinely uses fake images and videos in its coverage of the war on Syria.
  • The campaign against alternative and independent media seeks to limit freedom of expression.

(full text, videos, photos, related articles).


A Black History Month Special: Revolutionary Struggle, Malcolm X, MLK, Mumia, MOVE, on Global Research.ca, by Michael Welch and Abayomi Azikiwe, Feb 28, 2017: Global Research News Hour Episode 171; (download the AUDIO in MP3, 59.34 min);

Spain: Catalonia independence activists rally against referendum trial in Madrid (VIDEO), on RT, Feb 28, 2017: … hundreds of Catalan independence activists marched in Madrid as the trial of former Minister of the Presidency and Spokesperson of the Government of Catalonia Francesc Homs got underway in the Supreme Court of Spain. Homs is accused of “civil disobedience and perversion of justice” during the 2014 non-binding Catalonia independence vote. If found guilty, Homs could face an up to 9-year ban from politics …;

British children sent overseas in migration programme faced ‘unacceptable depravity’ - inquiry, on Independent.co.uk, by Jack Hardy, Feb 28, 2017: thousands of youngsters were relocated, often against their will, to distant corners of the British empire … thousands of children were relocated to distant corners of the British empire, often against their will, over hundreds of years, it was claimed …;

UK: As we turn in on ourselves, we turn our back on suffering humanity, on Left Foot Forward, by Ed Jacobs, Feb 27, 2017: what we’ve missed while focusing on Trump and Brexit. Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is how self-centered the UK and the US have become …;

UK: Further education funding has been frozen for 30 years – why don’t governments care about it? on Left Foot Forward, by Niamh Ní MhaoileoinNiamh Ní Mhaoileoin, Feb 27, 2017: schools are also facing the biggest cuts in 30 years. Further education (FE) funding will be no higher in 2020 than it was in 1990, according to new analysis from the IFS, despite the fact that overall government spending has nearly doubled in the same period …;

Amerexit: A Plan for State Sovereignty and an End of Empire, on Dissident Voice, by John Rohn Hall, Feb 26, 2017: … A group of fed-up-with-Trump secessionists are calling for a Calexit. If “Yes California” gets its way, and collects at least 585,407 petition signatures, California registered voters will have the opportunity, in November of 2018, to convert their state into a separate and sovereign nation …;

Analysis: 5,000 millionaires move to UAE in 2016, on Gulf News/money, by Cleofe Maceda, Feb 21, 2017: UAE continue to beat out other destinations in the race to becoming a haven for the rich. Dubai: The UAE has proven yet again that it is a magnet for the super-wealthy, as can be gleaned from the latest intelligence data from a millionaire migration tracker … Other countries that also experienced significant influx of HNWIs in 2016 included Canada and New Zealand.
On the other hand, destinations like France, Brazil and Turkey lost large numbers of millionaires. In France alone, over 12,000 wealthy residents left in 2016, as a result of the rising religious tensions between Christians and Muslims, especially in urban centres.
“In our view, other European countries where religious tensions are starting to emerge such as Belgium, Germany, Austria, the UK, Holland and Sweden will also be negatively affected in the near future”;
(related: Millionaire Migrants, Countries That Rich People Are Flocking To, on Visual Capitalist, by JEFF DESJARDINS, Feb 24, 2017;
The Great Millionaire Migration, on Investopedia, by Allison Martin, April 6, 2016);

… and this:

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