Chelsea Manning Welcome Home Fund

Published on GoFundMe, created Feb 7, 2017.

This is the official campaign raising funds for Chelsea Manning. This campaign is being organized by her friends and family. I have known Chelsea as her attorney, advocate and friend for several years. The money will be deposited directly into her bank account, which is being managed by her current power of attorney. Upon her release on May 17th, she will have full control over all funds donated.

Chelsea Manning is a 29 year-old transgender woman and long-time leader in the LGBT community. She is a transparency activist, Guardian columnist, whistleblower and she is our close friend and family member.

For the past seven years, Chelsea has been incarcerated. She survived solitary confinement, systemic denial of health care and years of being separated from her friends and community. Through it all she has remained a steadfast voice for liberty and justice and an inspiration to so many. We now have a chance to show our appreciation for all that she has given us.

Following the commutation of her 35 year sentence, Chelsea will head home to Maryland on May 17, 2017 and we, her closest friends and family, are raising money to meet her survival needs … //

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