These 8 neocons are gearing up to destroy President Trump

… and Make America Bomb Again – Published on Axis of Logic (first on The Duran), by Alex Christoforou, Feb 15, 2017.

US Senator Rand Paul recently urged President Trump not to choose neoconservative Elliott Abrams to serve in the No. 2 spot at the US State Department … //

… Here are 8 neocons that are gunning to take Trump down, and force America into more illegal wars and regime change operations.  

1. Max Boot – Pushing to create a Syria “no-fly” zone; … //

2. Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland – The family of neocons … //


8. Hillary Clinton – A top neocon dressed in liberal left clothing:

  • Several neoconservatives have spent years admiring Hillary Clinton’s penchant for supporting every foreign war or military escalation in the last decade.
  • Kagan said in 2014: “I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy…If she pursues a policy which we think she will pursue, it’s something that might have been called neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that; they are going to call it something else.”
  • Hillary’s neocon résumé includes Serbia where she urged an initially reluctant Bill Clinton to launch what became a two-and-a-half month bombing campaign that killed many thousands of Serb civilians. In urging this carnage on the president, she used the false claim that lethal military force was required to stop Hitler-like “genocide” in Yugoslavia.
  • Hillary’s neocon résumé includes a YES vote for an Iraq invasion as a U.S. Senator.
  • Hillary’s neocon résumé a coup in Honduras with bogus claims that, then President Zelaya, had been trying to establish a dictatorship and that Hondurans had after the coup experienced “free and fair elections” that restored “democratic and constitutional government” in Honduras.
  • Hillary’s neocon résumé includes the removal of Momar Gadaffi – “a hero to black Africa” because of his efforts to create a progressive pan-African Union and his decent treatment of Black Libyans – through U.S.-led Western force turned Libya into a jihadist nightmare zone.
  • Hillary’s neocon résumé includes her staunch support for the removal of Syrian President Assad and the destabilization of Syria.
  • Hillary Clinton has consistently sought to demonize and isolate Russia, blaming the Ukraine crisis on “Putin’s imperialism” and endlessly justifying Washington’s relentless provocation of Russia.
  • Hillary’s close ally is top neocon insider and Ukraine coup architect, Victoria Nuland.

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