for our economic system – Plan B

… a systemic revolution for real transformation – Published in english on Wissensmanufaktur, 20 pages in pdf, by Andreas Popp and Rico Albrecht, November 2011.

Note about this English version: please appreciate that the majority of our work is carried out in an honorary capacity without remuneration. Questions will be read and responded to by us only in German language, should time allow us to do so. We have to delete on a regular basis unread emails due to the fact that we are being flooded with inquiries. We would ask you for your understanding. Many thanks for your efforts and thoughts.

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… The Perspective, page 20: an exponential function can also have a positive effect – if more and more people understand these relationships and mobilize for a transformation. We still have relatively few people who are in the process of slowly waking up, but they are growing more numerous and this process has nowhere to go but up. If we now in this critical time are able to not let ourselves be divided and not become fragmented according to the details of the various model solutions, then we have a good chance to prevent the current system from being re-launched at this historical crossroads. It is up to us, the danistocrats. Let us join together and cooperate to stop this insanity! During the imminent crash, it will be within our power to set the process in motion towards a real transformation. Our posterity will thank us for it.

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US carrier group conducts anti-ISIS strikes in Syria & Iraq from Mediterranean, on RT, Feb 14, 2017;

US judge declines to grant tribes’ request to halt construction of DAPL, on RT, Feb 13, 2017;

Growing up with war’, children of Syria share heartbreaking stories of death, fear and survival, on RT, Feb 13, 2017;

Rupert Murdoch sat in on Michael Gove’s Trump interview, but the Times didn’t think to mention it, on Left Foot Forward, series supported by Media Watch, Feb 9, 2017: no one puts Rupert Murdoch in a corner, except Donald Trump and Michael Gove, that is; (List of Presidents of the United States);

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  • Le CETIM et La Via Campesina (See alsoExternal Links) ont continué leur travail de sensibilisation et d’information auprès des missions diplomatiques …; also on es.wikipedia, and in orher languages;
  • - Nouvelles déclarations du CETIM et de La Via Campesina, dans, le 9 février 2017: le groupe de travail inter-gouvernemental sur les droits des paysans et autres personnes travaillant dans les zones rurales s’est réuni. Ses membres étaient à Genève pour des consultations informelles avec des représentants des Etats …;

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