Left wing liberalism tries to rule by manufacturing consent

Published on Sunday Guardian Live, by COME CARPENTIER DE GOURDON, Feb 12, 2017.

Elites show single-minded dedication to the supposed demands of minorities even to the detriment of the majority.

A few years ago at an annual session of the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilisations, Professor Craig Calhoun, then director of the London School of Economics told me that he was worried about the future evolution of the United States, faced, in his view, with a painful and perhaps irreversible decline which might expose the worst tendencies of the national character. It brought to my mind, paraphrasing Burdick and Lederer, a vision of the Angry American. “The US will not concede hegemony gracefully,” Calhoun noted with a concerned expression … //

… This secular gospel, intended to build a world government headed by bankers and business barons, is preached with the financial and media support of major corporations and foundations backed by billionaires, notably the leaders of Silicon Valley infotech firms Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook, all closely linked to the Anglo-Saxon and other deep states and intelligence/defence agencies and firms.

Objecting to secular left-wing liberalism in the age of globalisation seems as unreasonable as opposing motherhood, but there is more to it than meets the eye. That any resistance to it is branded as populism by the ruling elites and the media they control, shows that the current global regime is run by an oligarchy which uses democracy as a tool to fulfil its designs by convincing the masses that they are in control of their own destiny … //

… The battle between the global oligarchy and its challengers is far from over. The system still has cards up its sleeves and can produce faux reformers such as Obama to disarm its opponents.

In order to defeat the threat posed by the National Front in France, the Atlanticist coalition has given up on the discredited socialists and turned against the Centre Right candidate Francois Fillon, whose nationalistic and Conservative Catholic positions, friendly to Russia, drew him dangerously close to the dreaded Le Pen. The deep state now seems to have thrown its lot behind a suave chameleon, Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild investment banker, presented as a reformist candidate, who even espouses some of the popular measures advocated by Marine Le Pen. Macron’s mission is to save the system by promising anything that can help get him elected. Like the National Front, he too claims to be “neither left nor right”. That bluff shows the desperation of the upholders of the status quo, fearful of rising China and Russia and under attack from the new American President.

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