US: 37 percent of people in N.J. are among the working poor – study

Published on New Jersey nj, by Stephen Stirling, Jan 16, 2017.

Charlene O’Brien doesn’t want help. The 38-year-old single mother of two has built her life on being a strong, independent woman.

The Hardyston divorcee has a full-time job training educators, which she balances with raising her 7 and 10 year-old boys, the latter of which has special needs. In her spare time she runs and designs grueling obstacle courses, the kind that make even the biggest fitness buff think twice.

But O’Brien knows today she needs help. She just doesn’t know where to turn to get it … //

… Monthly survival budget for a family of 4 in New Jersey: … //

… Percent of households below ALICE threshold, by county … //:

… For O’Brien, there has been some solace in learning she isn’t alone. In 2015, she went to a United Way event where a woman shared her story of struggle. Sitting in the audience, she began to cry.

“The story she was telling was mine,” she said. “And I just said ‘wow, I’m not alone.’ So if this is an opportunity for me to stand up and put a voice to this, I want to do that, because this is happening too frequently to too many people.”

(full text, statistics).

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