does NATO go wild against Russia?

Breaking - Russia Commander Warns Of Preemptive Strike on NATO Forces, 20.57 min,
…….uploaded by Breaking Wikileaks News, Dec 27, 2016;

I think, this is still true and seriously related: #8 Secret Underground Complex, on Elohim Leaks, July 8, 2016;
(my comment: this would become true with Hillary Clinton in the White House – Heidi).  


Interviews John Pilger with Julian Assange

- Dec 28, 2016, uploaded by Breaking Wikileaks News:

- Nov 30, 2012, uploaded by Films of Conscience:

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: In Venezuela’s Difficult Times The Grassroots Are Stronger, on Axis of Logic, by Tamara Pearson, Dec 27, 2016;

uploaded by Breaking Wikileaks News:

The Great Unwinding of Public Education, Detroit and DeVos, on truthout, by Joseph Natoli, Dec 23, 2016: privatization of all things public has slammed Detroit as gentrifying investors seek to put price tags on what was previously public domain. In predatory fashion, privatizers are targeting the city’s struggling students as a new frontier for profit …;

uploaded by Truth Channel News:

Russia make UFO disclosure official, they are real 2016, 7.22 min, uploaded by THE OTHERS, Nov 4, 2016;

… and this:

  • Stomp Live, Part 5: Dishwashers are crazy, 5.08 min, uploaded by tonyside … more in autoplay;
  • (p.ex. part 1: Brooms, 9.35 min) … the fantastic percussion group from Brighton, England. The early days of rehearsal and hard work. The group was created by Luke Creswell and Steve McNicholas. A CNN report with behind the scenes footage of STOMP. Playing in New York City and worldwide.

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