A CIA-led Coup against American Democracy Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes?

Published on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, by blog owner (first on Moon Of Alabama), Dec 17, 2016.

This article by Moon of Alabama is not conspiracy theory … Check out the links.

The article is a documented and accurate description of a coup that is underway. The extraordinary lies that are being perpetrated by the media and by members of the US government have as their obvious purpose the prevention of a Donald Trump presidency. There is no other reason for the extraordinary blatant lies for which there is not a shred of evidence. Indeed, there is massive real evidence to the contrary. Yet the coup proceeds and gathers steam … //

… I do not know that the coup will succeed, but looking at the commitment so many high level people have made to the coup, I conclude that those bringing the coup expect it to succeed. Therefore, we should take very seriously the expectation of success that those who control levers of power are demonstrating. (full text).

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