White Supremacy as a Political Doctrine

Published on Angry Bear, by Sandwichman, Nov 19, 2016.

Currently, Hillary Clinton leads POTUS-delictum Donald J. Trump by 1,677,000 votes. As we know, though, Trump has an overwhelming electoral college advantage. The original intent of the electoral college, according to Hamilton – the politician, not the Broadway musical – was to thwart the possibility of interference by a foreign power in choosing the chief executive … //

… Be that as it may, I would like to distinguish between the original design and intent of the electoral college and the strategic preservation and capture of that admittedly flawed institution by proponents of white supremacy. It was no accident that attempts to amend the constitution to abolish the electoral college system were abortive. An important part of the story behind the white supremacist abuse of the electoral college has been outlined in Joseph Lowndes’s From the New Deal to the New Right and the Southern Origins of Modern Conservatism and in a 1996 Yale Law Journal article by Matthew Hoffman, The Illegitimate President: Minority Vote Dilution and the Electoral College//

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Trump trifft Romney, Handschlag mit dem Erzrivalen, in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen, 20. Nov 2016 (inkl video, 1.55 min, wie mächtig ist Trump wirklich): Mitt Romney versuchte Donald Trumps Wahl zu verhindern, nun macht er dem designierten Präsidenten seine Aufwartung. Bekommt der frühere Gouverneur nun einen Spitzenposten in Trumps Kabinett?
… es sei „toll gelaufen“, sagte Trump nach der 80-minütigen Begegnung am Samstag. Romney sprach von „einer weitreichenden Unterhaltung mit Blick auf die verschiedenen Bühnen der Welt“. Es sei eine „sehr gründliche und in die Tiefe gehende Diskussion“ gewesen. Er bedanke sich für die Gelegenheit, mit dem neu gewählten Präsidenten zu sprechen. „Und ich freue mich auf die kommende Regierung und die Dinge, die sie tun wird“ …;

UK: Nine former health secretaries agree – the government is failing mental health patients, on Left Foot Forward, Nov 18, 2016: twenty years worth of health leaders urge government to prioritise mental healthcare;

Investigatory Powers Bill: Spying on journalists undermines democracy, on Left Foot Forward, by Michelle Stanistreet, ov 18, 2016: the bill, agreed by parliament this week, is an attack on the public’s right to know;

The Nemesis and Scourges of the Western World, on Defend Democracy Press, by James Petras, Nov 18, 2016;

The Retreat of Financial Globalization? on Angry Bird. by Dan Crawford, Nov 17, 2016;

More sharing than caring, the problems and potential of sustainability in the sharing economy, on Eco-Business, by Nicolas Heath, Nov 17, 2016: the sharing economy has given society access to underutilised resources through technology, but how does it hold up as a model of sustainability? Paia Consulting’s Nicolas Heath says it’s more sharing than caring;

Canada: Building movement against Pallister PC (Progressive Conservatives), on Solidarity Winnipeg.ca, by Matthew Brett, Nov 17, 2016;

Das Ende der deutschen Kollektivschuld, von Frubi TV: ganzes Video, 29.02 min; davon ein Auszug, 3.26 min;

Der logische Fehler der Demokratieals Text – in der Express Zeitung, von Charles Krüger, 31. Okt 2016; als Video, 11.21 min - auf YouTube, von Charles Krüger, 15. Okt 2016;

WORLD DISTEMPERS, Interview with ERIC HOBSBAWM, on New Left Review 61, Jan.-Feb 2010: age of Extremes ends in 1991 with a panorama of global landslide—the collapse of Golden Age hopes for world social improvement. What do you see as the major developments in world history since then?

  • (He says) I see five main changes. First, the shift of the economic centre of the world from the North Atlantic to South and East Asia. This was beginning in Japan in the seventies and eighties, but the rise of China from the nineties has made a real difference. Secondly, of course, the worldwide crisis of capitalism, which we had been predicting, but which nevertheless took a long time to occur. Third, the clamorous failure of the US attempt at a solo world hegemony after 2001—and it has very visibly failed. Fourth, the emergence of the new bloc of developing countries as a political entity—the BRICs—had not taken place when I wrote Age of Extremes. And fifth, the erosion and systematic weakening of the authority of states: of national states within their territories, and in large parts of the world, of any kind of effective state authority. It might have been predictable, but it has accelerated to an extent that I would not have expected … (full text;
  • Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95, on The Guardian, by Esther Addley, Oct 1, 2016; on en.wikipedia);

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