In the gig economy, recruitment agencies are the gangmasters

Published on The Guardian, by Faiza Shaheen, Nov 16, 2016.

These seemingly bland organisations are actively undermining employment rights, driving precarious workers into the arms of exploitative companies … //

… It is estimated that recruitment agencies employ 1.2 million people every day. Agencies are now the vehicle by which desperate workers are driven into the arms of exploitative employers, and they are fundamental to understanding the new age of precarity in the labour market and the “gig economy”.

There are hundreds of examples – from Sports Direct to NHS cleaners – of agencies actively undermining the rights of employees. One recent case was brought to light by the trade union GMB. Agency workers at an Asos warehouse in Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire, are being subject to a “flexing clause”, which employers argue was introduced to help manage peak times and quiet periods.

What it actually means is that workers can arrive at the warehouse only to be told they will be starting two hours later (with these two hours unpaid), or indeed work two hours later in the evening. When workers refuse, they are disciplined. This practice can cause a great deal of stress – particularly for those with childcare commitments. These flex contracts are likely to be in breach of employment law because it means workers aren’t actually being paid the minimum wage.

Video: revealed, how employment agencies avoid tax, 3.04 min … //

… It is therefore odd that while immigration has become a growing public concern, recruitment agencies have continued to flourish. At the Centre for Labour and Social Studies conference last month, the general secretary of the Unite union, Len McCluskey, spoke of this race to the bottom culture, calling for us to focus on safeguards for workers, and proposing that any employer wishing to recruit labour abroad could only do so if they are either covered by a proper union agreement, or by sectoral collective bargaining. Such solutions get to the heart of problems in the labour market and would help us move away from an unhelpful and misleading focus on the number of immigrants.

Of course, we must acknowledge that some progress has been made on the rights of agency workers – through holiday pay legislation, for example. However, such legislation is itself used for abusive ends. For example, the Agency Workers Regulations were introduced to ensure equality of pay for long-term temporary workers compared with their permanent counterparts. Instead, this legislation has been used as a means of undercutting permanent staff … //

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