Good News for the People of Europe

… the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Is Dead. Negotiations have Failed – Published on Global, by Peter Koenig, Sept 7, 2016.

… The collapse of the TTIP is one of the best news for Europe – and I mean the people of Europe – in recent times; an initiative of the two major players in the EU. This decision has several meanings:

1. European countries are gradually taking back their sovereignty from Brussels and decide for themselves what is good for them and for Europe;

2. With a failed TTIP Europe escapes, or avoids, being enslaved by US corporatism, financial institutions – and US legislation;

3. Europe may now continue making its proper policies on socioeconomy, environment, food safety, agriculture — and

4. Europe is now freer to pursue its own monetary policy. Under the grip of the TTIP, it would have been difficult, say impossible, to adopt a monetary policy outside of the Euro which many countries would like, openly or covertly – some without making a lot of noise for fear of being ‘reprimanded’ by Brussels.

The fact that authorities of both, France and Germany, stated in unison that the negotiations failed, is a sign that there is still a spirit of autonomy in Europe. What is called ‘negotiations’ were never really negotiations – a give and take between equal partners. It was from the beginning a one-way street, where the exceptional nation imposed its rules. There was no way of getting the slightest concession from them – not an iota.

No doubt Washington had no intention to share any of the benefits of this ‘Free Trade Agreement’ with Europe. The exceptional people wanted it all. For example, the term ‘Appelation Contrôlée’ for wine and cheese in France and other European countries, used to protect the farmers of a given region – would have disappeared. The US wanted everything to be open for the ever dictating ‘market’. Nothing was to be clearly defined, as far as Europe was concerned. No transparence – just a vast base for cheating, consumers and nations … //

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