Don’t Feed the Snakes

Published on JACOBIN, by Rejane Carolina Hoeveler, Sept 2, 2016 - translated by Sean Purdy.

The history of the Brazilian Workers’ Party is a cautionary tale for left parties everywhere … //

… From São Bernardo to Brasília: … //
… The Transformation: … //

… A Living Ghost:

The extreme right wing dominated the impeachment campaign. Their anger stemmed from an ideological hatred not for the Partido dos Trabalhadores PT, but for anything that resembled the Left’s egalitarian struggles. In fact, for many, the coup represents the first battle in a long war.

Despite the recent turmoil, the PT remains electorally viable: it still holds important influence over key social movements, and polls show that Lula still wins high approval ratings. Only through legal action could the right wing prevent him from running for president in 2018.

This explains why Operation Car Wash has recently focused on the ex-president: in July, the courts indicted him for obstruction of justice in the Petrobras corruption scandal. Further, Gilmar Mendes, president of the superior electoral tribunal, has called for the annulment of the party’s legal status.

Meanwhile, Michel Temer’s government has promised to deepen its attacks on social and labor rights.

The Brazilian left finds itself in a difficult situation. While revolutionaries have known for some time that the PT no longer represents a real alternative, most Brazilians still see it as a progressive party. On the other hand, the conservative wave will not only damage the PT, but also curtail unions and broader social movements. Whatever happens, the Brazilian left will face continued attacks while suffering from intensified austerity.

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1. The treatment the PT has received is hypocritical and unfair, even by capitalist democracy’s shallow standards
2. The PT isn’t blameless — its corrupt practices have helped bolster the Right
3. Lula has used political office to enrich himself, likely through legal and illegal means
4. The PT’s problems are bigger than corruption
5. The Brazilian left’s fight is on two fronts
Ultimately, the small but growing non-PT left in Brazil is faced with the same challenge as before the political crisis erupted in 2015: building a broad-based movement against both the government’s neoliberalism and the Right.
… (full text).

(my comment: for decades worldwide Mafia’s dirty money has been whitewashed by the international banks. Now these few family clans have the absolute money power over the rest of us … as long as we are stupid enough to follow provocations like an impeachment – Heidi).

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  • Kissinger Sought to Undermine Human Rights Message in Argentina;
  • 1,078 Pages of Records, mostly from Carter Presidential Library, Published;
  • Obama Administration Credited with Important “Act of Declassified Diplomacy”;

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