Yatsenyuk Comes to Washington

Published on The People’s Voice.org, by Stephen Lendman, March 11, 2014.

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland calls him Yats. He’s coming to Washington. He’ll arrive/arrived on Wednesday. He’ll meet/had met his new boss. He’ll do so at the White House. He’ll get marching orders. He’ll learn more about Obama’s plans for Ukraine. More on his visit below. He’s Ukraine’s illegitimate prime minister. He serves its xenophobic, ultranationalist, neo-Nazi, hate-mongering, anti-Semitic, coup d’etat regime. A rogue’s gallery of societal misfits runs it. He’s a natural. He’s super-rich. He’s a former central banker/economy/foreign minister and parliament (Verkhovna Rada) speaker. He betrayed his people. He sold out for greater wealth and power. He’s a Batkivshchya/All-Ukrainian Union (Fatherland) leader.

Billionaire mega-thief Yulia Tymoshenko heads it. She was imprisoned for embezzlement and serious “abuse of public office.” Charges included illegally diverting $425 million meant for environmental projects into pension funds. A second case involved stealing around $130 million for personal use. Putschists freed her. They did so lawlessly. She was an illegimate Orange Revolution prime minister. She has presidential aspirations. She may head Ukraine’s illegitimate government after sham May elections.

  • Yatsenyuk’s job is serving Western bankers.
  • Paying them comes first.
  • Ukrainians bear the burden.
  • Force-fed austerity is planned.
  • IMF larceny features it.
  • Harder than ever hard times loom.

Ukraine heads toward becoming another Greece. One zombie country will replicate another. Economic crisis conditions already exist. Plans call for tougher times on the backs of ordinary people. Inflation alone harms them. Since January, Ukraine’s currency (the hryvnia) declined 20%. Everything imported costs more. Capital flight hammered Ukraine’s foreign exchange. It’s down to about $12 billion or less. It’s dwindling at the rate of about $4 billion a week. It won’t last the month without aid.

  • It’s needed. It comes with onerous strings. It includes longterm debt entrapment.
  • Getting it demands mass layoffs, huge social benefit cuts, privatizing state enterprises at fire sale prices, and letting Western corporations plunder Ukrainian resources freely.
  • Economist Jack Rasmus believes Ukraine’s currency collapse is virtually certain.
  • At least $20 billion in aid may be needed “well before May 1,” he said … //

… (full long long text).


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