British political turmoil erupts in wake of Brexit vote

Published on The Washington Post, by Dan Balz, Anthony Faiola and Griff Witte, June 26, 2016.

LONDON —The political fallout from Britain’s stunning decision to leave the European Union intensified Sunday, with debate escalating inside the governing Conservative Party over choosing a successor to Prime Minister David Cameron and a coup attempt emerging against the leader of the opposition Labour Party … //

… Overnight came news that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn had fired one of the most senior members of his leadership team, Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary. The sacking of Benn, whom Corbyn accused of plotting against him, led to the resignation of another member of Labour’s leadership team, with British news organizations reporting that additional resignations would be coming.

The Labour revolt reflects fears that the party could suffer what Benn called a “catastrophic” defeat if there is a general election this fall, after the Conservative Party chooses a new leader to succeed Cameron … //

… Britain could undergo further dismantling if the nationalists in Northern Ireland, which also voted to remain in the E.U., press ahead with their calls for a vote on Irish reunification. Signs at the main post office in Belfast warned all who entered that it had already run out of applications for passports from Ireland … //

… Yet already, some E.U. politicians have said that if Scotland extends a hand, the E.U. should take it — suggesting the potential tug of war ahead for Scottish loyalties between London and continental Europe … //

… (full text).


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