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Published on News With Views, by Paul McGuire, June 13, 2016.

The world’s elite is at the annual Bilderberg Group meeting in Dresden, Germany. Among the top concerns of the annual gathering of world leaders, CEOs, super-billionaires, and other members of planet Earth’s ruling class are the precariat and the middle class.  

Precariat is a term promoted by Guy Standing, a British economist, which describes a fast growing class of people who have no hope for a decent future, can only find part time or temporary jobs at minimum wage, and have to do all kinds of work for which they don’t get paid. This rapidly expanding “precariat,” according to Standing, is composed of a “growing class of people who feel insecure about their jobs, communities, and life in general … //

… However, the Bilderberg Group meetings in past years have explored microchip implant technologies along with RFID transmitters. The Bilderberg and other elite groups have publicly discussed their plans for a cashless society, microchip implants, and a one world economic system, one world religion, and a one-world government. The elite see trouble coming … trouble they created by vastly increasing the wealth of the one percent and lowering the wealth of the rest of the population. That was not an accident; it was planned because at the highest levels of the elite they see themselves as “god men and women” who have the genetic right to rule over the human race.

The model for a slave race ruled by god men began in ancient Babylon and then moved through the “Pharaoh-god-king” system of Egypt and eventually into Europe with the divine right of kings concept. Although it is not talked about openly it is the belief system of the Illuminati and other secret societies that covertly operate through the Technocratic Elite or Scientific Dictatorship//

… In America, Europe, China, Japan, and the many other places in the world where there was an existing or emerging middle class, the global economy, which globalists in the U.S. and the EU promised us would bring more economic prosperity, has caused the opposite through downward pressure on wages due to global competition. When the beginnings of these trends first began to emerge with events like Rockefeller going to China in the 1970s and the creation of NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO, etc., the American people were told through a corporate controlled media that this would allow Americans to prosper in the new global market place … //

… What if the elite really do escape to Mars? The whole thing sounds so bizarre that it would have been laughable 20 years ago. But we live in a time where the elite are already building the rockets for a very serious attempt at colonizing Mars (they may discover that it is already occupied). We live in a time when artificial intelligence and robots may destroy the jobs of millions of people on planet Earth. In addition, a cashless society could be implemented at anytime along with the mass distribution of microchip implants. We have moved from reality to artificial reality. As Dorothy said to Toto in The Wizard of Oz, “I have feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”.

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