Trump as next US president

my comment: … how witless must be a political elite to be overwhelmed by a Trump – how insipid must be their arguments to be outdated by a blustering outsider – how dumb must appear the Washington establishment to its people no more to be heard … and as Hillary is part of this nasty crowd we may imagine easily Trump as next President.

I do not care if Trump will be a good president, as I am not sure how a good one should be. Seen the criminal behavior of political elites to their people I guess it would be sufficient if the next president respects their acquired standard, acquired wealth …  and if he protects their lifes.

In talkshows every representative of this arrogant political elite tells us that Trump has no idea how to manage America and the world … as if any announced plan would have been relevant in the past.

No plan has ever been relevant and we the underdogs know this since a long time. At the end it will be the worldwide financial mafia dictating our reality. We downtown may only imagine Trump showing some possible ability to resist not only the Washington elite, but also all mafias.

And now in german: Montag Abend im ARD bei Hart aber Fair: was für ein Spektakel, Ihr werft Trump primitves Benehmen vor, seid aber nicht fähig, das Thema zu diskutieren, weil Ihr Euch gegenseitig nur fertigmacht. Man kann sogar sagen, Ihr benehmt Euch kaum besser als Trump - Heidi,

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  • sorry, I do not find articles about Trump I can taste, all what I get speaks against him or for him. The whole political discussion seems only about testosterone charged swaggering … an endless dirty battlefield. I no more read any of them.

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