In the Name of the Profit

… new RT documentary exposes dirty oil secrets, ISIS’ cozy ties with Turkey – Published on RT, April 29, 2016.

Exclusive eye witness reports and documents, abandoned by retreating jihadists and found by RT Documentary crew members in a region liberated by Syrian Kurds, point to a commercial scale oil smuggling operations and the terror group’s cozy relations with Turkey … //

… Following Kurdish soldiers around the destroyed and abandoned homes, RT Documentary found documents which showed a direct link between Turkey and Islamic State fighters operating in Syria. The jihadi paperwork included an entire pile of foreign passports with Turkish entry stamps, and booklets encouraging jihad against the the Syrian government, printed in Turkey … //

… Ankara has always fiercely denied any involvement in an illegal oil trade with ISIS, and any contacts with the terror group whatsoever. RT has reached out to the Turkish Foreign Ministry for a specific comment on the documentary crew’s findings which Ankara has failed to provide thus far.

Besides collecting irrefutable proof of quite cozy relations between ISIS and Turkey, RT managed capture the mood of the populace who have lived and worked under ISIS yoke for months. They shared their untold stories of survival under the jihadists’ rule.

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Bernie Brings the Revolution to Oregon, 57.40 min, uploaded by The Big Picture RT, April 28, 2016 … Thom discusses the approved and proposed mergers in the cable and health insurance industries with radio host and activist Richard Eskow, GOP union busting with The District Sentinel’s Sam Sacks, and what millennials need to know about social security with Social Security Works’ Jasmine Jefferson. And in tonight’s Conversations with Great Minds Thom discusses the presidential race and how to break through power with consumer advocate, activist, and author Ralph Nader …;

Liberté, égalité, fraternité et autres considérations suisses, dans 24heures, par Marc Ehrlich, le 27 avril 2016: L’invitéL’entrepreneur Marc Ehrlich en profite pour dire tout le mal qu’il pense de l’initiative pour une Revenu de base inconditionnel;

ICBC and Bank of China to help underwrite Russia’s issuance of largest yuan-denominated foreign sovereign bond, on South Chine Morning Post/markets, by Liz Mak, April 27, 2016: 6b yuan deal will mark Russian government’s first return to bond market since 2013. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China and Russia’s Gazprombank are set to become the key lead managers helping the Russian government underwrite a six billion yuan (HK$7.1 billion) bond, a source said …;

The Empire Doesn’t Care Who You Vote For – Here’s what actually matters, 19.32 min, uploaded by corbettreport, April 26, 2016 … Elections are meaningless power rituals that only pit personas against each other in an establishment-endorsed Two Minutes Hate. So if these political wrestlemania matches don’t change society, what does? Join us today for a fascinating conversation with Dan Sanchez about his recent article, “What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?”

It’s only a matter of time before those living in ‘fearful insecurity’ brandish pitchforks, on MyNorthwest, by DAVE ROSS, April 26, 2016: on June 5, voters in Switzerland will vote on amending the Swiss constitution so that every citizen would get $2,500 a month just for being there. It’s called an Unconditional Basic Income. It’s so radically socialistic not even Bernie Sanders has flirted with it. But British professor and economist Guy Standing says the time has come …;

Resilience – a New Algorithm for Calculating Financial Interdependence, on The Blockchain News, by Johan Nygren, April 26, 2016;

Rising housing costs since 1990s equivalent to 10p increase in basic rate of tax, on Scottish Housing News, by Resolution Foundation, April 26, 2016;

Revenu jeunes – la France à la traine d’une Europe généreuse, dans, le 26 avril 2016;

Poor asset quality of PSBs a risk to sovereign rating – Moody’s, on Money Control, April 26, 2016: high corporate leverage poses systemic risks if adverse growth and financial conditions pressure borrowers’ repayment capacity, Moody’s said, adding that the capital infusion by the government in PSU banks is likely to be larger than budgeted;

RISE: strengthen the third sector to revitalise Scotland, on Third Force, by Deborah Waters, April 26, 2016: TFN has already asked the five parties represented in the last parliament to tell us their priorities – here Deborah Waters of left-wing alliance RISE speaks to Scotland’s third sector;

What Is the Maximum Income to Qualify for SSI? on The Motley Fool, by Matthew Frankel, April 26, 2016: You can receive other income and still qualify Supplemental Security Income SSI, but your benefits may be reduced or even eliminated, depending on how much you make;

Malaysia’s 1MDB Default: What Were They Thinking? on Asia Sentinel, by John Berthelsen, April 26, 2016;

Fusion: Give People Free Money Instead of Jobs, on News, by Daniel Garza, April 26, 2016;

Who Fired the Shot(s) Heard Round the World? 67.54 min, uploaded by corbettreport, April 19, 2016 … with James Perloff;
also as Podcast on The Corbett Report;

The (Second) Most Important Bank You’ve Never Heard Of, on Corbett Report, April 17, 2016;

Warren Battles Krugman on Big Banks, 58.00 min, uploaded by The Big Picture RT, April 14, 2016 … Thom discusses the new documents showing how the fossil fuel industry is more evil than we thought with attorney Mike Papantonio, how the big banks are bigger now than they were before the 2008 crash with radio host and activist Richard Eskow, whether the scientific community and the CDC are wrong about vaccines and autism with Dr. Andrew Wakefield & Del Bigtree, writers of the new movie “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” and the latest on updating a 30-year-old digital privacy law with The District Sentinel’s Sam Sacks …;

How the human body ages, and why we should keep exercising and load up on antioxidants, on South Chine Morning Post/markets, by Jeanette Wang, April 03, 2016: Scientists show it is more than mere common sense that, as we get older, we lose muscle strength and kidney function. Also in the news: why it’s better to be pear-shaped than apple-shaped;


  • Corporate America has Messed with the Wrong People, 13.27 min, uploaded by The Big Picture RT, Dec 28, 2012 … Professor Richard Wolff, New School University NYC, joins Thom Hartmann. Facing salary cuts, Port workers on the East Coast are threatening a strike that could impact the economy to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. We’ll talk about why THIS strike in particular is so important – and how – if it’s successful – it could bring about a future Leisure Society for working Americans;
  • Website: Democracy at Work;

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