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update April 27, 2016/09.25 MEZ: LIVE – MCIS Moscow Conference on international security forum discusses fight against terrorism, global defense issues, on RT, April 27, 2016.

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Merkel’s Refugee Strategy, a Brown Nose becomes the Chancellor – Mathew D. Rose, on naked Capitalism, by Yves Smith, April 26, 2016;

INDIA: No sanctity for sovereign guarantee? on live.mint, by Tamal Bandyopadhyay, April 25, 2016: it’s likely that quite a few states are facing the stock-against-loans mismatch as in Punjab. The least the banks can do is raise the interest rates, factoring in the risk premium. (photo: After the stocks of foodgrains kept in Punjab warehouses was found inadequate to cover the loan against such stocks, RBI directed banks to set aside 15% of such exposure, but their exposure will continue to be classified as standard loans);

Saudi Arabia will have it easy with a global bond, on Gulf News Analysis, by Abdulnasser Alshaali, April 25, 2016: the kingdom’s current debt-to-GDP ratio is what will make such an offer compelling;

Incomes of SOE managers increase on reform, on China.org.cn, April 25, 2016;

L’inflation, un risque à ne pas minimiser, dans Contrepoints, par Rögis Yancovici, le 25 avril 2016;

Vannes: Une trentaine de personnes au rassemblement Nuit debout, dans Ouest-France.fr, le 24 avril 2016;

Hénin-Beaumont: Nuit debout s’installe tranquillement dans la durée, dans La Voix Du Nord, le 24 avril 2016;

AUDIOS: (weekly) Economic Update with Richard Wolff - uploaded by slithrenn guard:
April 22, 2016, 55.04 min; April 15, 2016, 46.64 min; April 8, 2016, 55.18 min; April 1, 2016, 55.54 min; March 25, 2016, 59.62 min;
and look for your radio station on Democracy at work/radio;

Flüchtlinge – Was sind wir für ein Land? 44.14 min, uploaded by Grosser Onkel, March 8, 2016;

How Big Oil Conquered the World, 71.26 min, uploaded by corbettreport, Dec 27, 2015;

Das Ende des Euro kommt 2017 – Heiner Flassbeck, 11.22 min, uploaded by blaues Wunder, Dec 2, 2014;

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