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Panama Papers show world’s tax progress, We ultimately want transparency – OECD’s Gurria, 5.51 min, uploaded by slithereen guard, Apr 16, 2016;

AUDIOS: Weekly Economic Update with Richard Wolff – the latest 5 issues:

Scotland: Why Ro Khanna triumphs in the realm of ideas, on The Mercury News, by Scott Herhold, April 14, 2016;

Eliminating poverty is possible -Therrien, on The Peterborough Examiner, by Joelle Kovach, le 14 avril 2016;

#NuitDebout, un mouvement parti pour durer, dans Slate, par Gaël Brustier, le 14 avril 2016;

Etre heureux, en consommant moins, dans Le Courrier.ch, par Florian Erard, le 14 avril 2016;

Should we scrap benefits and pay everyone £100 a week? on The Guardian, by John Harris, April 13, 2016;

Millions of Americans are obsessed with income inequality, this is a grand distraction, on AEI.org, by James Pethokoukis, April 13, 2016;

Les riches sont des pauvres comme les autres, dans Alter Echos.be, Interview avec Philippe Defeyt, le 13 avril 2016;

Falsche Toleranz – Alice Schwarzer bei Pro und Contra, 52.40 min, uploaded by Kinotheras, am 22.Feb 2016;

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Economics – Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor, Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera, 88.05 min, uploaded by Peuple’s PPE … (People’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics Presents), on BBC;
see also PPE related:

Muslima übt heftige Kritik am Islam – bei Markus Lanz am 20. Jan 2016, 74.46 min, uploaded by Palatine Beast: … zu Gast sind Politiker Nils Schmid (SPD), Islamkritikerin Zana Ramadani, Tier- und Naturfilmer Dirk Steffens sowie Steueranalyst Markus Meinzer;

… and this:

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