Q & A with Angela Walker, Socialist Party USA candidate for Vice-President

Interview published on The New Politics TNP, by Jim Brash, April 7, 2016.

TNS: First question, why were you chosen to be Mimi Soltysik’s running mate?  

  • Mimi reached out to me about the campaign following my run for County Sheriff in Milwaukee. He said that he’d followed my campaign and really liked the fact that we took a very grassroots, people-centered approach. He felt that I would make a good running mate based on work I was involved in in Milwaukee, and the fact that I ran for sheriff unapologetically as a socialist.

TNS: Which public offices have you previously run for?

  • I ran for Milwaukee County Sheriff in 2014.

TNS: What did you accomplish by running?

  • I like to think that we reopened the discussion in Milwaukee about socialism, and how placing the needs of people at the center of the issues needed to be done, and could be done. We can demand, in very clear terms, the changes we want and agitate for those changes. People just need to be reminded of their power.

TNS: What would you like to accomplish with this current campaign?

  • I think we’d like to accomplish something similar with the presidential campaign. We want to remind people that they have power, and that worker ownership of their workplaces and communities makes as much sense now as it ever has. At a time when so many people have been victimized by deindustrialization, gentrification and institutional racism, we want people to be reminded that there really is another way to live. It’s not supposed to be this way, and people need to know that.

TNS: What is the difference between the Soltysik/Walker campaign and the presidential campaigns of other socialists? … //


… TNS: Any advice for young people just entering the socialist movement?

  • I have a hard time picturing what revolution will look like in the United States. People here are very diverse, with diverse needs and viewpoints and life experiences. In my own life, I have no national identity that moves me. For me, revolution is necessary for the liberation of my own people, and others who are oppressed by those forces that hurt and humiliate Black people. I believe that any revolution in this country would be bloody and painful, because there are so many institutions deeply rooted in the domination and exploitation that is the capitalist system. They won’t want that power taken from them, and have proven around the world what they are capable of when their interests are threatened. I don’t have any illusions whatsoever that they won’t come against revolutionaries in this country full force. They have before. I believe revolution is possible, but I don’t know exactly what it will look like.”

TNS: Anything you would like to add?

  • The only thing I want to add is the reminder that people are powerful, more powerful than they know. I hope folks in the neighborhoods embrace their power, step into it, and use it to build the world they believe in and want, even if that is only in their own small areas. Because they can, and it desperately needs to happen. It’s the only change that we’ll get, and the only change that matters.

TNS: Thank you Angela, for your time and good luck with the campaign.

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(Angela Nicole Walker (born January 19, 1974) is an American labor organizer from Wisconsin. Walker is the vice-presidential nominee of the Socialist Party USA for the 2016 presidential election alongside former SPUSA male co-chair Mimi Soltysik of California …).


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