The Rebellion Will Not Go Away

Published on Down with Tyranny *, by Gaius Publius, March 29, 2016.

… The Sanders- and Trump-led (for now) political rebellion is not going to go away. There are only two questions going forward:

  • Will it remain a political rebellion, one that expresses itself through the electoral process, or will it abandon the electoral process as useless after 2016?
  • Will it be led by humanitarian populism from the left, or authoritarian populism from the right?

Why is this rebellion permanent, at least until conditions improve? Because life in the U.S. is getting worse in a way that can be felt by a critical mass of people, by enough people to disrupt the Establishment machine with their anger. And because that worsening is seen to be permanent.

Bottom line, people are reaching the breaking point, and we’re watching that play out in the 2016 electoral race.

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… Will the Very Very Rich Stand Down?

The squeeze is on, and unless the rich who run the game for their benefit alone decide to stand down and let the rest of us catch our breath and a break, there will be no letting up on the reaction. What we’re watching is just the beginning. Unless the rich and their Establishment enablers stand down, this won’t be the end but a start, and just a start.

I’ll identify the three branches to this crossroad in another piece. It’s not that hard to suss out those three paths, so long as you’re willing to look a few years ahead, into the “middle distance” as it were. The ways this could play out are limited and kind of staring right at us.

But let’s just say for now, America faces its future in a way that hasn’t happened since the Great Depression, another period in which the Constitution was rewritten in an orderly way (via the political process). Which means that for almost every living American, this is the most consequential electoral year of your life.

I know. I’m not happy about that either.

(full text, graph).

(Blue America has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

* (when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross – Sinclair Lewis).

(my comment: To solve the rich-poor problem, two ways are possible:
- 1): you take half of the money of the rich and you distribute it to poors (Bernie Sanders, like Franklin D. Roosevelt) … here the system can go on as we know it and a new debt construction will be build up automatically;
- 2): you make crash the whole, if you are able. We consent to change the dept money into sovreign money. The rich would loss much more than only the half, and a new debt construction could no more be build up … here the system is changing correctly.
As I know this humanity, they will opt for solution 1), as too much feary, weak, brainless, uncertain, dependent on an authority, finally estranged … too much childish for a conscious revolution, directed by saine people … this depraved humanity will never accept them … unless there will be more harm to us all and we want no more live our mentallity of corruption
– Heidi).

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