Flint Water Oversight: Sacred Cows & Sacrificial Lambs

Published on ZNet, by Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and Kevin Berends, March 24, 2016.

Five days earlier they had loaded their suitcases, laptops, snacks, kids and water—there has been no escaping the extra heft of potable water—even as they took a brief respite from the foul and cursed realities of living in Flint. At that point even a 17 hour drive with kids so wired it was like they were experiencing Parkinson-like tremors was a welcome lull from the storm. The mothers looked for little things…gestures…small hands engrossed with a book. A mischievous glance from young eyes. Anything familiar and thus reassuring that their son, their daughter was riding with them into the future they had always believed. The future they have worked so hard to provide and protect.  

They were on their way to the nation’s capital. To Congress. They were going to attend Congressional hearings in the People’s House. By now all the representatives knew the story’s rough contours: toxic water; irreversible lead poisoning; E-coli. And something worse. Lies, cover ups and distortions by people who had sworn to protect them—some by Hippocratic oath. Now, approaching two years on in what appears to be a systematic and deliberate war against a defenseless community by local, state and federal officials, these five families were hoping against hope that there remains some vestige of the grandeur that informs the long polished halls, the stately wooden doors, the monuments engraved with thunderous inscriptions from men and women exemplars of who we are as a people, that these mothers could point to, summoning their children to see what they too can hope to be.

Such are the whims of extremity, because the notion that their dreams are dead, their futures stunted, their expectations curt—is too hard. Too final. Too cruel. It takes a lot for a mother to abandon hope.

In Tuesday’s Hearing a discerning eye may have seen the rift opening between the committee members. The EPA fingered the state. Michigan decried budget constraints. The former Mayor singled out the Emergency Manager. Republicans zeroed in on President Obama’s EPA appointee. Democrats skewered the Republican Governor and his all powerful managers. They all played to the cameras. It was the Roman Senate protecting its sacred cows.

Flint residents: Beware the Ides of March. You are the sacrificial lambs … //

… The systematic and efficient structure that facilitates hundreds of thousands of troops being deployed overseas can be harnessed within a peacetime implementation to provide the people of Flint a dignified temporary infrastructure. Conversely, the systemic structure that underpins governmental corruption and criminality—that is currently protected under sovereign immunity—needs to be withheld from bad actors abusing government service and harming the communities they are sworn to serve. The confluence of these could serve as a model for rebuilding our national water infrastructure without poisoning entire populations.

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