Ex-US Army Iraqi interpreter seeks refuge in Greece after US rejected entry – report

Published on RT, March 25, 2016 (see also this video: Abandoned Afghan interpreter refused UK asylum shot by Taliban, 2.53 min, on RT, April 13, 2015 (my comment: I guess these guys knew too much, elites have no trouble to sacrify a peasant – Heidi).

A former Iraqi US Army interpreter is languishing in a troubled refugee hotspot of Idomeni after numerous failed attempts to obtain an American visa. To get it, he required – but reportedly never received – a mere acknowledgement of working for the US troops.

Ibrahim Esmael Ibrahim, a 26-year-old Iraqi from Baghdad, had been offered a job by Virginia-based Global Linguist Solutions (GLS), the major provider of linguistic services for the US military and intelligence community, according to an exclusive by Public Radio International (PRI).

In 2007, GLS was awarded $4.6 billion five-year contract with the military intelligence command that included providing interpreters and translators for the US troops in Iraq.

The salary was generous, Ibrahim told PRI – $1,500 a month, plus bonuses. American soldiers who Ibrahim worked with liked him and even nicknamed him “AP.” But after six months into his service, he reportedly received death threats from Iraqi insurgents. “They told me I will cut your head from your body if I see you again here,” he said  … //

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