The European Union has abandoned those who are defending freedom in Turkey

Published on, by Can Dündar, March 19, 2016.

The editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, Can Dündar, who was recently freed from prison, published the op-ed column in Le Monde that we are reproducing here. He reveals the stakes of the agreement negotiated between the European Union and Turkey – not to have to assume the consequences of the deliberate destabilisation of Syria in exchange for 3 billion Euros per year and ignoring the dictatorship which is currently being set up by Ankara.

In September 2015, close to 3,000 Syrian refugees began a march toward Edirne, which is Turkey’s open door to Europe. Their objective was to cross the frontier and walk to Germany. Normally, the Turkish police forbids any form of meeting – even three people – but this time they simply watched as the long line of the 3,000 Syrian refugees shuffled by. At first we were unable to understand the reason for this show of tolerance, but very quickly, it became clear that it was a signal sent to Europe … //

… This dialogue demonstrates Mr. Erdogan’s patronising attitude, but the really tragic dialogue came later in the same meeting, between Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, and the Turkish President. The Commission had twice postponed the publication of the report on the erosion of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in Turkey.

It was a gift offered to Mr Erdogan, who was then preparing for the 1st November elections. In the accounts of the Antalya summit, we note that Mr. Juncker clearly recognised this, declaring: The postponement of this evaluation until after the elections was critical … //

… Turkish democrats have always proclaimed Western values – freedom, the supremacy of law, Human Rights, secularism. As for Mr. Erdogan, during an interview he accorded to journalist Nilgün Cerrahoglu in 1996, he declared: «Democracy is a tramway – you climb on to get where you want to go, and then you climb off.»

Today, twenty years later, it is with sadness that we must watch European leaders rushing towards the tramway from which Erdogan has just descended, abandoning beside the tracks all those in Turkey who adhere to these democratic values.

The West is sacrificing its historic principles for the profit of its daily interests, and as a result of this double game, is losing all its natural allies. By saying : «Keep those refugees away from us and do whatever you like at home», Europe is hiring a concentration camp outside of its own frontiers, and is closing its eyes to the oppression exerted by the willing guardian of the camp. This is not only a shameful thing for the West, it is also shameful for Humanity.

This is not a fight between the West and the East, nor a fight between Europe and Turkey, it’s a fight between those, whether in the West or the East, who believe in the freedom of the Press, in Human Rights, in Democracy, and those who trample on these freedoms. If these people are beaten, the losers will not only be the Democrats of Turkey, but all of those universal values like secularism, the equality between men and women, freedom of thought, and the independence of justice … //

… (full text).


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