Malaysia must sue Goldman Sachs & all complicit banks

NAJIB Contagion, all hell set to break loose – Published on Malaysia Chronicle, by Sarawak Report, Feb 25, 2016.

The news today that Goldman Sachs has now formally acknowledged that its South East Asia Chairman, Tim Leissner, has indeed ‘left the bank’, sometime earlier this month, indicates they plan to make him their high level fall guy over the 1MDB imbroglio.

It’s not good enough.  

Malaysia should make sure that this controversial and domineering international bank does not get away with making this single employee their scapegoat or cutting a behind-closed-doors deal with regulators over its role in a theft that goes to the heart of existing problems in our global financial systems – thanks to illegitimate behaviour by banks.

If the various banks had abided by the law then 1MDB’s public money could not have gone missing – therefore the Malaysian public have a right to demand their money back and for punishments to be meted out.

After all, bank robbers go to jail, so why do robber bankers never feel the cuffs? … //

… That international assistance would provide just the information that the authorities which might end up suing miscreant banks are looking for. Najib is blocking it.

For years Goldman Sachs knew there were issues about their employee and the 1MDB deals. But, instead of doing the right thing about potential wrong doings they promoted their ‘rainmaker’ and looked the other way.

Other banks who should be equally on notice are ANZ bank, who have supplied all the major executives for their majority shareholding in AmBank and failed to report or do anything about the humungous sums pouring into the Prime Minister’s secret accounts.

This bank is still refusing to comment on the matter or take any apparent action and they are refusing to inform shareholders why they received a recent major fine from the Bank of Malaysia for evident transgressions. Don’t shareholders have a right to know when their bank has been caught and fined for failures of this nature?
A swathe of banks world-wide have stood by for years and gone for cover-up rather than owning-up. Malaysia should teach them a lesson and find themselves a new Finance Minister who sues the shirts off their backs.

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