Between debt and the devil, in the eye of a new global financial storm

Special Event – Wednesday 10 February 2016, New Economics Foundation (NEF), 10 Salamanca Place, London SE1 7HB, 18:00 – 19:30, refreshments provided - Space limited – register.
Website: New Economics Foundation, economics, as if people and the planet mattered (on en.wikipedia).

Uploaded on YouTube by New Economics Foundation:
Can we measure happiness? 11.43 min, Feb 3, 2016 … NEF’s Saamah Abdallah on Sky News;
GDP release by NEF’s Olivier Vardakoulias, on Sky News, 5.06 min, Jan 28, 2016;  
Five ways to challenge the spending cuts, 1.18 min, July 16, 2015;
What are spending cuts doing to our country? 1.56 min, April 24, 2015;


UN panel rules Julian Assange arbitrarily detained, entitled to liberty & compensation, on RT, Feb 5, 2016;

German UN Envoy on Islamic State’s Rise, We Simply Can’t Give Up on Libya, on Spiegel Online International, Interview Conducted By Juliane von Mittelstaedt, Feb 4, 2016: with the situation rapidly deteriorating in Libya, the UN’s special representative to the country, Martin Kobler of Germany, is pushing for a unity government in a last-ditch effort to halt the Islamic State’s march there. He warns that time is running out;

Djihadisme et faillite du renseignement français: quand la réalité des chiffres démonte la théorie du loup solitaire auto-radicalisé, dans atlantico, le 4 févr 2016;

A solution to welfare everyone can agree on, on The Cougar, by Samuel Pichowsky, Feb 4, 2016;

Brock workshops focus on social justice, on St. Catherines, by Cheryl Vlock, Feb 3, 2016;

Inflation hits lowest incomes the hardest, on parrysound, by Sarah Bissonette, Feb 3, 2016: Food and rent increases leave those most vulnerable, more vulnerable;

How to have inclusive growth? Adopt ILO recommendations on social protection floors – Dignidad, on Inter Aksyon, Feb 3, 2016;


Est-il possible de vivre sans argent …, 26.03 min, mise en ligne par Master-Money, le 27 nov 2015 … dans notre monde moderne, il paraît impensable de vivre sans argent. Pourtant, la crise pourrait nous amener à réfléchir. Ne devrions-nous pas repartir de zéro ? Sommes-nous dépendants de cette monnaie d’échange ? Quand l’homme a-t-il inventé l’argent ? Pourquoi ? Aujourd’hui, dans nos pays européens, est-il possible de vivre sans argent …;

Étienne Chouard brise l’omertà en direct à la télé, 11.41 min, mise en ligne par Pierre Esposito, le 17 sept 2014;

… and this:

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