How to kill the demos: the water struggle in Italy

How to kill the demos: the water struggle in Italy

Published on ZNet (first on, by Andrea Muehlebach, January 20, 2016.

On November 28, 2015, water activists from the Southern Italian region of Campania staged a massive protest in the city of Naples. Some 5,000 water activists and environmentalists, trade unionists and workers from Naples’ water works protested a recently passed regional law that aims to centralize water management and set the stage for water privatization … //

… Revolution: … //
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… Neoliberal Authoritarianism: … //

… The rise of rebel mayors:

One of the most important legacies of the referendum was a legion of water committees that remain all over the Italian territory and that have acquired deep insight into the workings of neoliberalization and the processes of de-democratization that have accompanied it.

In Campania, the water committees of Castellammare di Stabia, Casalnuovo, Nocera Inferiore, Nocera Superiore, Roccapiemonte and many others represent the remnants of the demos that continues to hold politicians accountable, often at the local level through recourse to mayors — the most “proximate” representatives of the state and the most easily held accountable since they come from and live within the communities they represent.

Many mayors have been an important resource for the movement since the referendum. They continue to be so as they have publicly walked with protesting citizens. This is why the rise of protesting mayors is so significant and unusual: their radicalization is a symptom in a body politic where democracy is sick.

Mayors, especially in smaller towns, have of course always been complex mediators between the powers above and pressures from below. But in a context of intense de-democratization, pressures on mayors have built up and their roles have increasingly become fraught with contradiction. Brought to their knees by austerity policies and thus unable to provide for their constituencies — an incapacity exacerbated in the impoverished communities of the Italian South where infrastructures and services exist in growing states of utter disrepair — mayors are both the tail-end of a de-democratized political system and political pressure points of last resort for local citizens.

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