Greece 3rd bailout

Leaked: Germany says 3rd Greek bailout worth €10bn-€20bn, on Russia Today RT, Feb 3, 2014.

The next financial lifeline Greece will receive from Germany and its European lenders will be worth €10 billion to €20 billion, the German magazine Der Spiegel reports, citing a document leaked from Berlin’s finance ministry.

The rescue package, which will be the third for Europe’s most troubled economy, is considered “extra aid” by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, who said the sum would be “far smaller” than the €240 billion is has already received from international lenders.  

“What is sure is that any further aid would be much less expansive than whatever help [has been given] so far,” Schauble told the German finance magazine Wirtschaftswoche.

Schauble first hinted Greece would need a third rescue loan in August a risky move right ahead of Germany’s September elections, in which Chancellor Merkel’s CDU party won comfortably.

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… Rigorous austerity:

Greece continues to implement its “rigorous” austerity measures, which include major job cuts in the public sector, wage and pension cuts, as well as the privatization of state assets.

Unemployment in Greece is amongst Europe’s highest at 27.8 percent, compared to the 28-member nation average of 12 percent. Youth unemployment is over 60 percent.

Six years of straight recession has hit the economy hard, and now the country is experiencing severe deflation; prices have hit 50-year lows, and disposable incomes have diminished by a third since the country dipped into recession.

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