Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, January 1-31, 2016

related articles published during January 2016: (continuously updated … )

A Silicon Valley startup accelerator wants to fund an experiment to give people free money, Jan 31;
La Suisse pourrait mettre en place le revenu universel à 2300 euros par mois, le 30 janv 2016;
SWITZERLAND: Robots for Basic Income dance at Davos, Jan 30;
Will The Swiss Basic Income Affect Bitcoin Adoption? Jan 30;
Y Combinator President Thinks We’ll All Get a Basic Income in 50 Years, Jan 29;
Basic Income Is A Welfare Strategy, Jan 29;
These Tech Wizards Want To Pay People For Doing Absolutely Nothing, Jan 29;
Test story content widget – headline, Jan 29: Time for another look at a guaranteed annual income;
A Marxist Social Policy Is Gaining Ground In Silicon Valley, Jan 29;
Un référendum sur le revenu universel en Suisse, le 29 janv;
These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better – Caroline Lucas, Jan 29;
Why a bunch of Silicon Valley investors are suddenly interested in universal basic income, Jan 28;
CANADA: Board pushes for basic income, Jan 28;
UNITED STATES: Big Milestone for America’s First Crowdfunded Basic Income, Jan 28;
Book-review: Gangster warlords and the new politics of Latin America, on radio KAWL, San Francisco, by Laura Flynn, Jan 28, 2016;
Suisse: Revenu universel, seulment 2% des Suisses arrêteraient de travailler, le 27 janv;
Y Combinator Wants to Study Universal Income. Here’s Where It Can Start, Jan 27;
UK: Local Support for Guaranteed Income, Jan 27;
Council backs away from conversation about Basic Income Guarantee, Jan 27;
Le revenu universel, la solution radicale face au chômage de masse? le 27 janv;
Revenu universel, trois orientations, le 26 janv;
FRANCE: Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Economy says he is open to basic income, Jan 26;
The woes of Universal Basic Income, Jan 26;
Basic Income Guarantee – local activists urge adoption of anti-poverty plan, Jan 26;
L’Europe expérimente le revenu de base inconditionnel, le 25 janv;
Allocation universelle ou Arlésienne universelle? le 25 janv;
Revenu universel, une utopie pour les temps nouveaux, le 25 janv;
Le revenu de base, vers un tournant pour notre société – partie 2, le 25 janv; (partie 1);
How basic income can solve one of the digital economy’s biggest problems, Jan 23;
Utrecht, a Dutch City Is Experimenting With Giving Away A Basic Income Of $1,000 A Month, Jan 22;
The Robots And The Jobs – No, They Don’t Make A Universal Basic Income Necessary, Jan 22;
How basic income can solve one of the digital economy’s biggest problems, Jan 22;
Sian Berry, Green Party candidate for mayor of London, talks to us about universal basic income and flat fares on the Tube, Jan 22;
Basic has a whole new meaning at Davos, Jan 22;
UK: Green MP tables motion for basic income study, Jan 22;
Qu’est-ce que le revenu universel, 1.55 min, le 22 janv;
A universal basic income for all Australians, Jan 21;
CANADA: Council supports basic income, Jan 21: Welland city councillors hope to help influence a major change in the way the 14.9 per cent of Canadians living in poverty are assisted …;
Monsieur le Président, osez le partage des emplois avec le revenu de base,le 20 janv;
Basic income guarantee a non-starter, Jan 20;
Hey Finland! Canada Tried Guaranteed Income Once, and It Worked, Jan 20;
Le Revenu de Base, enfin la liberté? – partie 1, le 20 janv;
British parliament to consider motion on universal basic income, Jan 20;
Revenu de base: la réflexion est engagée au Gouvernement, le 20 règles d’or pour réussir, le 18 janv;
CANADA: The Saskatchewan NDP Cheered by Province’s Green Party for Supporting Basic Income, Jan 18;
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. We can make it come true, Basic income is the updated idea, and it’s quite simple, Jan 18;
Guaranteeing an Income for Everyone, Jan 18;
The benefits of a universal income, Jan 18;
Revenu universel, équité ou assistanat? le 17 janv;
Les étudiants devraient-ils toucher un revenu de base pour tous? le 17 janv;
UNITED STATES: Prominent Trade Unionist to Publish Book on Basic Income, Jan 16;
UK: Basic income needed, Jan 16;
These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better, Jan 15;
FINLAND: Over Half of Citizens Support Basic Income, Jan 15;
CANADA: Manitoba Liberals to pilot minimum income project if elected, Jan 15;
Universal Basic Income is the policy that an innovative society needs, Jan 15;
Review of  101 Reasons for a Citizen’s Income – Malcolm Torry, Jan 15;
Pourquoi le Revenu Universel n’est pas pour demain en France, le 14 janv;
Why California’s Once-Dismissed Idea to Give Everyone a Basic Income Is Gaining Ground, Jan 14;
Obama Just Proposed Giving Middle-Class Workers Wage Insurance – He Should Have Called for Giving Everyone Free Money. Jan 14;
Revenu de base, la fausse bonne idée, le 13 janv;
Revenu de base, comment mettre en application ce concept? le 13 janv;
Si tu veux être cool, deviens partisan du revenu universel, le 13 janv;
USA – Joe Mathews: Old idea of guaranteed income is gaining new ground, Jan 13;
FRANCE: Socialist MP Delphine Batho tables an amendment on basic income, le 13 janv;
French National Assembly to vote on universal basic income study, Jan 13;
Is an Universal Basic Income an Idea that would work in America? Jan 12;
Le revenu de base est un excellent outil pour la société post-salariale”, explique Gaspard Koenig (Génération libre), le 12 janv;
UNITED STATES: Big push as America’s first crowdfunded basic income project approaches first milestone, Jan 12;
A Feminist Case For A Universal Basic Income, Jan 12;
Guaranteed income eyed by advocacy groups, Jan 12;
Un revenu de base pour tous bientôt en Framce? le 11 janv;
Revenu universel de base, le 11 janv;
Le revenu universel, l’attrape couillon inégalitaire néolibéral? le 11 janv;
The Feminist Case for Basic Income, Jan 11;
France: Vers un revenu de base pour tous? le 11 janv;
CANADA, Ontario: Belleville council has supported a resolution being circulated by Kingston council regarding a “basic income guarantee”, Jan 11;
VIDEO: The case for Universal Basic Income, Jan 11 - to be seen on YouTube, 125.02 min, uploaded by London Futurists);
Finland, 00024 YLEISRADIO – Study: Over half the population supports basic income scheme, Jan 10;
Canada: Basic income idea in front of council, Jan 10;
US: Will liberals be our allies in the struggle for basic income? Jan 9;
ENTRETIEN: L’idée du revenu de base universel fait son chemin, le 8 janv;
France: Revenu de base, deux Français sur trois sont contre, le 8 janv;
Europe: Basic Income, Basic Issues, Jan 8;
There is no human future without a basic income, Jan 8;
Les Français opposés à l’instauration d’un revenu de base, le 8 janv;
Travail: faut-il instaurer un revenu universel? le 8 janv;
Débat GG – Pour ou contre un “revenu de base” universel pour chaque Français, le 7 janv;
Vers la création d’un revenu universel en France? le 7 janv;
Revenu de base universel, ce qu’en pensent les économistes et les politiques, le 7 janv;
FRANCE: Government agency recommends testing basic income, Jan 7;
Guaranteed income won’t work – Charbonneau, Jan 7;
Basic Income and Other Ways to Fix Capitalism, Jan 6, and a video with Federico Pistono, 20.23 min, running on YouTube;
L’idée d’un revenu de base pour tous fait son chemin – le rapport Thieulin, dans l’Opinion, par Fanny Guinochet, le 6 janv;
Un rapport préconise la mise en place d’un “revenu de base” universel en France, le 6 janv;
Et si on instaurait un revenu de base universel en France? le 6 janv;
Le revenu universel ne suit pas notre modèle, le 5 janv;
If you were handed $1,100 a month, would you amount to anything? – Erik Kirschbaum, Jan 5;
Guaranteed Basic Income: What happens when we give every American a free paycheck, for life? The answer may surprise you, Jan 4;
Free Money for All: A Basic Income Guarantee, Solution for the 21st Century – Mark Walker, Jan 4;
France : l’allocation universelle dépassera-t-elle le stade de la proposition? le 4 janv;
Le revenu universel de base bientôt appliqué en Europe? le 2 janv;
Frédéric Lefebvre veut une allocation universelle de 800 à 1.000 euros ou plus, le 2 janv;
À quand le bout du tunnel? le 2 janv;
CANADA: Paying Everyone A Basic Income Will End Poverty And Save Money – Elizabeth May, Jan 2.

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