Suisse: Reprendre le contrôle de la monnaie

publié dans Le plan CLes Suisses vont voter pour (enfin) retirer aux banques privées leur pouvoir de création monétaire, dans Blog du Plan C, par Etienne Chouard, le 30 déc 2015;

Who Controls the Money Controls the World, 13.00 min, uploaded by My Playlist Rock, Nov 13, 2011 … all facts in this movie have been independently confirmed. Sources are documented at THRIVE … History will repeat itself as long as these bankers and their corrupt politicians are in charge. Save yourself from the upcoming economic collapse of 2012. Please share this important knowledge with your family and take action.  

The Real Story of the Money-Control Over America, on American Patriot Friends Network, by Sheldon Emry, April 28, 2005;


notre argent et nous, on this blog, le 2 janv, 2015..

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