The Power of Nightmares

Published on naked capitalism (first on BBC), by Lambert Strether, Nov 27, 2015.

Here’s a little something to rouse you from your post-Thanksgiving torpor; the first part of a three-part 2004 series by Adam Curtis called “The Power of Nightmares.” The title seems strangely a propos, what?

See WikiPedia’s summary.

See all three videos on daily motion, by Gala Ventura;
1: the Rise of the Politics of Fear (BBC-2004), 59.01 min;
2: The Phantom Victory (BBC-2004), 59.00 min;
3: The Shadows In The Cave, 58.59 min.


The Answer to Terror – We Need Determination, Not Saber Rattling, on Spiegel Online International, by Klaus Brinkbäumer, Nov 27, 2015: the Paris terrorist attacks present a threat to Europe, but the martial rhetoric that has resulted is overwrought. Sobriety and determination should be our approach — and forming a broad anti-IS alliance, even with uncomfortable partners …;

Commercial scale’ oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority target of anti-ISIS strikes, on Russia Today RT, Nov 27, 2015;

China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase, on Russia Today RT, Nov 27, 2015;

Russia deploys cutting-edge S-400 air defense system to Syrian base after Su-24 downing, on Russia Today RT, Nov 26, 2015;

Flüchtlinge – Union am Limit? – phoenix Runde, 44.24 min, von phoenix am 26. Nov 2015 hochgeladen … der Schwesternstreit CDU – CSU;

zur Asyl- und Flüchtlingspolitik der Bundesregierung – Gregor Gysi, 9.15 min, von Bananenrepublik1 am 1. Okt 2015 hochgeladen.

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