TPP’s Orwellian Definition of “Science”

… in its Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Chapter – Published on naked capitalism, by Lambert Strether, Nov 19, 2015.

Let’s begin our quest for “science” with what the (disinformation campaign that is the) USTR’s FAQ has to say about the TPP’s SPS chapter, which controls, among other things, the (imported) food that you eat[1] … //

… Science vs. The Precautionary Principle: … //
… “Science” Based on “Confidential Information”: … //
… “Science” Based on “Economic Feasibility”: … //
… “Science” Assumes an Infrastructure for Doing Science: … //

… Conclusion:

My watchword is always that corrupt language signals corruption. The language of TPP, and the language of TPP advocates, is as corrupt as it can be; the word “science,” to them,” means something completely different from what it means to dull normals like us. Orwell would be proud. You eat food, hence you’re a buyer. Beware!

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On the Lack of Courage in Regulators, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Nov 20, 2015: I’m embedding the text of a short but must-read speech by Robert Jenkins, a former banker, hedge fund manager, and regulator (Bank of England) who is now a Senior Fellow at Better Markets. If nothing else, be sure to look at the partial list of bank misconduct and activities currently under investigation …;

NOT mainstream: nachdenKEN über: Paris, 30.13 min, von wwwKenFMde am 16. Nov 2015 hochgeladen … nichts ist, wie es scheint, oder: Terror ist nicht unbedingt etwas, mit dem der Mensch leben muss, Terror ist auch ein Werkzeug, das hilft, die Eliten global an der Macht zu halten. Terror sorgt für ein stabiles Feindbild auf allen Seiten …;

Global Capitalism: December 2014 Monthly Update, 83.54 min, uploaded by RichardDWolff, Dec 11, 2014;


… und noch dies:

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