I am fed up – I can no more hear it …

Paris attacked by Islamists … no, I no more will listen to any of these talkshows. As mentionned, again so called terrorists forgot their passports on the crime scene … do you really believe THAT?

I no more do. Thus, forget the whole bla-bla. To say it with the words of the belgian sociologist Jean-Claude Paye / (engl)… on Passport, le retour:

… l’apparente stupidité répétitive des terroristes doit être interprétée comme un artifice rhétorique du Pouvoir pour sidérer les citoyens. C’est parce que le récit officiel est absurde qu’on ne peut pas, qu’on ne doit pas le contester …;
in english: … the apparent repetitive stupidity of terrorists must be interpreted as a rhetorical device of the power / the govs to flabbergast citizens. This is because the official narrative is absurd that cannot – (that) has not – (to) be challenged …;  

.50p passport. found in the internet

Thus, you will hear or read on this blog no more any mainstream interpretation of the event. I am definitively fed up with them. In any way, the real threat we encounter is the stupidity of a brainwashed society no more able to think and to act by themselves in a sane way … the best example is our inability to realize existing solutions against the disaster provoked by the financial mafia – Heidi.


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… und noch etwas Geschichte / Geschichten:

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