Global Capitalism Update, Nov 2015

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About IS (and it’s money), and the west, on Real-World Economic Review RWER Blog, by merijnknibbe, Nov 15, 2015;

a critical view: Paris Attack Round-up and Open Thread, on naked capitalism, by Lambert Strether, Nov 15, 2015;

To Fix Inequality and Steady the Economy, Think Radically, on New Economic Thinking, by Lynn Parramore, Nov 12, 2015;

The Next Wave: Afghans Flee To Europe in Droves, on Spiegel Online International, by Susanne Koelbi, Oct 30, 2015 (Photo Gallery: Europe or Death). As the situation in Afghanistan becomes ever more chaotic, an increasing number of Afghans are heading towards Europe. But as one family’s story shows, the trip often ends in tragedy;

Totalitarian Culture in a Free Society – Noam Chomsky (Oct. 1, 1993), 130.11 min, uploaded by argusfest, Sept 5, 2012;

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