Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, November 1-30, 2015

related articles published during November 2015: (continuously updated … )

Pirates Submit Proposal For Universal Basic Income In Iceland – Paul Fontaine, Nov 30;
UNITED STATES: Libertarians debate the Basic Income, Nov 29;
Henry George in Favor of a Basic Income, Nov 28;
Would a Basic Income corrupt the poor? Nov 27;
NEW ZEALAND: Basic Income activists on the rise in New Zealand, Nov 27;
First basic income create-a-thon in San Francisco a great success, Nov 27;
How Bitcoin Could Make Distributing a Universal Basic Income Actually Possible – Alyssa Hertig, Nov 26;
ROME, ITALY: Finale of 100 days for a dignity income – June 30, 2015, on BIEN, Nov 25;
Something Is Happening: Basic Income Create-a-Thons Are Here, Nov 24;
ITALY: Basic Income Network Italy in parliamentary commission hearing about GMI, Nov 24;
Money For Nothing, 1.58 min,Nov 24 (25 days left to listen);
CANADA: Food banks charity calls for basic income to replace beyond repair welfare system, Nov 23;
UNITED STATES: Successful launch for America’s first crowdfunded basic income project, Nov 23;
Revenu de base, utopie ou réalité future? le 23 nov;
LONDON – next Dec 3: conversation with Brian Eno, David Graeber, Frances Coppola on Basic Income – how do we get there? Nov 22;
Money For Nothing For Everyone, Createathon held for Basic Income – Jon Evans, Nov 22;
SWEDEN: Basic income taken seriously but media remains skeptical, Nov 21;
BRUSSELS, European Parliament: first meeting of working group on minimum income, Nov 21;
Would a universal basic income be the ‘death’ of civil society? Nov 21;
PORTUGAL: Basic Income talks in Braga, Nov 20;
Basic income, how we can eliminate poverty, Nov 19;
Et si chacun touchait un même revenu de base? le 19 nov;
Pirates push plans for basic income, Nov 19;
SPAIN: Podemos introduces a conditional basic income in its electoral program, Nov 18;
Débat de chiffres sur le salaire minimum, le 18 nov;
Pirates Submit Proposal For Universal Basic Income In Iceland, Nov 18;
Un revenu de base pour chacun ? Il dit oui, le 16 nov;
Canada: 70 personnes à la conférence sur le revenu de base, le 16 nov;
Beyond Care: Expanding the Feminist Debate on Universal Basic Income – Caitlin McLean, Nov 14;
Vox: We know how to eliminate poverty. So why don’t we? Nov 14 - listen PODCAST, 66.45 min;
France: Pour un revenu universel inconditionnel, le 12 nov;
Finnland plant Basis-Einkommen von 800 € für jeden Bürger, 12. Nov;
Should we all have a universal basic income? Nov 10;
Robots To Eat All The Jobs? Hackers, Policy Wonks Collaborate On A Basic Income Createathon This Weekend, Nov 9;
PORTUGAL: Yet another presidential candidate leaning towards basic income, Nov 8;
CANADA: Ruling Party’s Women’s Commission calls resolution for UBI experiment, Nov 6;
A state-guaranteed basic income for all is becoming a necessity, Nov 5;
Finland is considering a radical plan to give everybody free money, Nov 5;
Un revenu de base garanti pour mieux vivre? le 5 nov;
UBI experiment in Brazil, Nov 4;
Revenu de base – Notre vie va changer, à la Une du numéro 101 du magazine Nexus, le 4 nov;
Finland planning basic income for all, Nov 3;
Basic Income, a Crazy Idea? le 3 nov 2015;
Finland’s Kela will provide basic income for working or non-working Finnish, Nov 3;
Chronicling the case for free lunch, activists across Canada demand a universal basic income, Nov 2;
THE NETHERLANDS: Four municipalities have to make a uniform plan for basic income pilot projects, Nov 1;
France-Ouest: Dinan: le cinéma organise une soirée autour du revenu de base, Nov 1.

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