The Politics of the Right and the Dilemmas of the Left

Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1183 (first on 2016 Socialist Register), by the 2016 Socialist Register, Nov 6, 2015.

The Preface to the 2016 Socialist Register, The Politics of the Right, includes the following paragraphs: “There is a great strategic importance in a sober analysis of the strength of new right today, and the impasse of the left emerges here as a central concern. In confronting almost everywhere different permutations of right wing populism gaining further ground in this phase of neoliberalism, and the increasing state authoritarianism seen in new modes of surveillance and policing, we need to recognize the complicity of liberal and social democratic political agents in this. Both this and the limited political capacities of the radical left have provide space for the rise of the right and the new authoritarianism in the current conjuncture … //

… The Dilemmas and Potentials of the Left: Learning from Syriza – Andreas Karitzis: … //


… Our Duty Today:

We need to engage efficiently and profoundly in transforming the people’s way of thinking of themselves and their lives. In the last decades, in the western world at least, people were raised believing that a good life is essentially an individual achievement. Society and nature were just background, wallpaper for our egos, the contingent context in which our solitary selves evolve while pursuing individual goals. The individual owed nothing to anyone, lacked a sense of respect and responsibility to previous or subsequent generations, and was indifferent to social problems and conditions. Without transforming this spoiled teenager-like modern subjectivity into a mature grown-up subjectivity ready to bear the responsibility of taking on the difficult and demanding task, there is no way to achieve our goals of saving the planet, transforming the economy, and coping with social problems and other challenges.

It is extremely important to continue analyzing, monitoring and explaining what our opponents are doing, what their strategy is, what techniques they are using. However, we need to think about how we are going to face today’s challenges and problems according to our logic. The modern world is declining fast, and at the same time we have never before been in a position with so much potential. It is not only a matter of seizing power, it is a matter of identifying the deep causes of this decline and engaging in a process of transformation based on the potential for change this decline has opened up.

We must develop a conception of ruling the world differently, of actually performing everyday activities differently. We often tend to believe that getting rid of our opponents means that somehow the problems caused by them and the challenges we face will disappear. It is true that it is extremely important to get rid of the neoliberal elites; however, neoliberalism is deeply entrenched in social practices as well as the state. We must develop ideas and ways of doing things differently. And in order to do so, we must imagine our own world and what the future is going to be like. And there are lots of good practices and social innovations that can point us in the right direction.

We are stronger than we think. But we must combine the existing elements effectively, to incorporate them within a unified – but not one-dimensional – conceptual and organizational framework, and gradually acquire the necessary self-confidence to change the world.

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(Andreas Karitzis is a member of the board of Nikos Poulantzas Institute and a former member of the Central Committee of Syriza).


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