a new blog, to replace my Heidi-Barathieu-Brun Blog witch got a virus alert (same stuff with Mein privater Garten), but both alerts are only detected by AVAST Premier-Antivirus. All other antiviruses do not give any alert. I was suggested that the alert is included into/given by AVAST itself (they would make their own politics in this way, protesting against/not agreeing with my HBB-blog), as I got it the day I put this post:
2013-07-09: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine (originally on Dissident Voice, or also on YouTube, 22.52 min, uploaded by ClassWarFilms). The infection: HTML:Iframe-inf.

Any correspondence with AVAST ends up in a FAQ-sheet to find myself the solution (5x), but this damned sheet DOES NOT writes about my problem.

My website provider (Infomaniak) detects NO virus, same do all friends having another antivirus than AVAST.

The provider tells me to disable my antivirus as the only way to stop any alert.

Now, I decide to let it activated, to permit me to know which of my blogs is attacked (by avast).

So, you can look at my Heidi Barathieu-Brun Blog and at Mein privater Garten Blog without danger, as long as you do not run the AVAST Antivirus program.

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