Nice No More: The End of the German Fairytale

Published on Spiegel Online International, a commentary by Markus Feldenkirchen, Oct 20, 2015.

The World Cup scandal brought to light by SPIEGEL serves as a reminder that Germany is nowhere near as perfect as it had started to look – ironically, around the time of that historic “fairytale summer” … //

… With its social market economy, Germany also appeared to have defied the law of capitalism that requires one to be a little coarse and unscrupulous in order to prevail.

Success and decency no longer seemed to be mutually incompatible terms. It almost felt like sainthood was about to be declared for Germany.

That won’t be happening just yet. A series of recent exposés have seriously damaged the image of the Good Germany. A darker side of the country is now getting international play: that of the trickster, a nation of cheats with criminal intent. Volkswagen, the archetype of German companies and the epitome of reliability, so brazenly manipulated the emissions data of its automobiles that it has single-handedly transformed “Made in Germany” from a seal of quality to a warning … //

… At some point, the image of the nasty German was replaced by the image of the faultless German. Both are extremes. A more realistic view of Germans is now starting to crystalize. Germany is neither any worse nor any better than other countries. It’s a nation with great strengths and all kinds of weaknesses.

Ultimately, there’s no place for German arrogance and no grounds for any German sense of superiority — which is taking its ugliest form these days in the shape of xenophobia.

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