The Demonology School of Journalism, Putin and the Press

Published on Dissident Voice, by James Petras, October 11, 2015.

… Putin: Demon or Realist, Autocrat or Democrat, Vassal or Independent Leader?

  • The Western media has backed every oligarch, gangster, and fraudster who has gone on trial and been convicted during Putin’s term in office. The propagandists tell us the reason for this affinity between the Western media and the gangster-oligarchs is that these convicted felons, who claim to be ‘political dissidents’ and critics of Putin’s rule, have been dispossessed, and jailed for upholding ‘Western values’.  
  • The Western media conveniently ignore the well-documented studies on the source of the gangster-oligarchs’ wealth: The violent and illegal seizure of multi-billion dollars-worth of natural resources (aluminum, oil and gas), banks, factories, pension funds and real estate. During the Yeltsin period the oligarchs controlled thousands of armed gangsters and engaged in internal warfare during which thousands were killed, including top government regulators, police officials and journalists who dared to oppose or expose their pillage and property grabs.
  • Putin’s prosecution of a mere fraction of the most notorious oligarch-gangsters has won the support of the vast majority of Russian citizens because it represents a return to law and order and the return of stolen public wealth.
  • Only the Western media has dared to refer to these convicted felons as ‘political victims and reformers’. They did so because the oligarchs had become the most loyal and submissive assets in the US and EU governments’ efforts to convert Russia into an irreversibly weak vassal state … //

… Conclusion:

  • Western media is engaged in an intense long-term propaganda campaign to demonize President Putin. Its role is to convince world public opinion and world leaders to blindly follow the US and EU, as well as their ‘allies’ and vassal states, in a campaign to degrade and undermine Russia, and consolidate a unipolar empire under US tutelage.
  • The Western mass media is important; but it must be remembered that the media is an instrument of imperial state power. Its lies and fabrications, its demonization of leaders, like President Putin, are one part of a global military offensive to establish dominance and to destroy adversaries.
  • The more intense the imperial campaign, the riskier the power grab, the greater the need to demonize the victims.
  • This explains how the escalation of the rabid anti-Putin propaganda campaign coincides with the single biggest Western power grab — the Ukraine coup (‘regime change’) — since West Germany annexed East Germany, and NATO and the EU incorporated the Baltic States, Eastern Europe and the Balkans into the West’s strategic alliance. The West’s bloody break-up of the Yugoslav federation was part of this strategic program.
  • The problem with the Western demonization of adversaries, whether it is Russia, Iran and China today, or earlier Cuba, Libya and Yemen in the past, is that Washington and the EU face severe economic crises at home and military defeats abroad by armed Islamic and nationalist resistance movements … //

… (full long text).

(My comment; I do not care if Putin is a bad or a good guy, but facing the American war lords, the financial gangsters and the world’s general mess he is doing exactly the right things, nobody else till now was able to do – Heidi).


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About refugees coming to Europe:

(My comment: The problem is, we do not face poor people, happy for some small help we are able to give, but spoiled middle class, used to receive all they want, and please quickly.

Conclusion: there is some need for education in realism for both, us AND them.

Do this refugees realize:

  • they do not realisze that HERE they may have beginning with a state of ‘poors’, and we are not honest enough to tell them.
  • what effort is needed from Germany to give alone this small shelter for this huge crown falling into our countries? We are ‘rich’? Ok, we like being seen for that, but this is a lie, and we know this.
  • they not realize that their big number makes it us impossible to give all of them the splendor they imagined, and secretly we like to be admired for this lie. They are NOT SELF CONCIOUS AS CROWD
  • they are used to get thing with less effort – for the same wealth – than poors have to bring.
  • How long will it take we selves wake up and have the courage to stop them in their childish and unrealistic expectations? To explain strongly that for all this so called richness we selves had to work for years, for decades.

This brings us to the next questions:

  • do we accept them all, with the idea of saving their lives … the only way showing honestly real humanism. But then they accept a small comfort, at least in the beginning.
  • Or do we accept only their middle class, those able to pay traffic dealers, letting die the rest (the poors) in their countries?

It is our own class consciousness, and our ability to real humanism, which will give the answers
- Heidi).

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