Syria versus America

What Exactly Would Define a Terrorist in The USA? What Have Your “Moderate Rebels” Done in the last Four Years? – Published on Global, by Friends of Syria, Oct 2, 2015.

The FSA (Free Syrian Army) have killed hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens, they have kidnapped and beheaded innocent citizens. They have killed Generals in the Syrian army with car bombs. They have thrown post office workers off the roof of their building. They have shot sportsmen because they represent their country. They have set off car bombs outside schools, police stations, hospitals and universities … //

… Seems to me that a terrorist is a person who you deem to be a threat to the USA. Of course the FSA are not a threat to the USA, because you trained them in the first place. So a terrorist is only a terrorist if they use acts of barbarism in the US. It does not matter that they have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people including children in Syria. Unless it is on your doorstep, you don’t give a sh..t.

It is on the doorstep of Europe and the people of Europe do give a sh.t. We do not want your barbarians moving into Europe and we are all pleased that Russia is killing them.

Just a reminder of what your precious FSA have been doing in the past 4 years.

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(My comment: the guy speaks out of my heart – Heidi).

on en.wikipediaFree Syrian Army FSA is a group of defected Syrian Armed Forces officers and soldiers,[17][18] founded during the Syrian Civil War on 29 July 2011[19] by five[18] or seven defected Syrian officers.[19][20] The group defined “all [Syrian] security forces attacking civilians” as their enemies,[19][20] and said its goal was “to bring down the system”[19] or “to bring this regime down” …;


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International UFO Congress 2014 – Dr Steven Greer Full, 91.14 min, uploaded by Remember Documentary Channel, Dec 22, 2014 … (my comment: just look on the whole sh.t here from the outside – Heidi).

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