VW Scandal: Time for German Industry to Abandon Its Arrogance

Published on Spiegel Online International, by Armin Mahler, Sept 30, 2015.

Arrogance and complacency are widespread in Germany industry, with Volkswagen becoming just the most recent example. For the German economy to remain healthy, fundamental changes are necessary.

The best commentary on the Volkswagen scandal came courtesy of former CEO Martin Winterkorn himself, well before he resigned last week. “Arrogance and complacency are the worst things that could happen to us,” he said. The quote does not come from in his recent video message, where he attempted to apologize for the company’s self-destruction. Rather, it is from an interview with SPIEGEL that took place exactly a year ago. And he meant it merely as a description of a hypothetical danger. He didn’t yet realize that the worst had already long since happened.

A belief in their own invincibility is widespread among Germany’s captains of industry. When it comes to reaching the goals they’ve set for themselves, they will resort to any means necessary … //

… How will German manufacturers survive the competition when there is now serious doubts about their basic competence, and the reliability of the German engineering they like to trumpet overseas. That its trustworthiness is gone, its reputation ruined, will damage not only Volkswagen but will take its toll on the entire sector and indeed Germany’s entire industry.

It will also take its toll on the general public, whose identity is so closely bound up with the strength of the economy and the solidity of German products. Germans don’t see themselves as a nation of cheats. Others might be – chief among them the Greeks, according to popular opinion, on whom the Germans like to look down.

There, too, though: It is time to say goodbye to arrogance.

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(My comment: I presume the Amrricans knew about this scandal since a moment, but their elite prefered wait to make it know until a global attack against Germany has to weaken this country definitively – Heidi).


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