Laying the foundation for blatant fascism in the U.S.

Published on Intrepid Report, by Larry Pinkney, December 20, 2013:

When corporations and government become, in actuality, intertwined as one entity, the end result is fascism. This is the precise reality in the United States in this 21st century, and it has spread like a cancer throughout this nation … //

… Banksters are liars, manipulators, and international corporate gangsters:  

  • Banks in the U.S., and those who own them, together with the elite of other giant corporations are, in effect, international white collar gangsters. They thrive on their economic manipulation of financial markets and perpetual wars—which bring the elite enormous profit—and the ordinary people endless economic pain and suffering.
  • The struggling ordinary people of this nation have been, and continue to be, slaves to a distorted and utterly false narrative propagated by the many institutions of the banksters and their cohorts in and of the corporate power elite.
  • One example, among many, of the distorted and utterly false narrative propagated against the ordinary people by banksters and their corporate power elite cohorts, is the myth pertaining to the so-called U.S. Federal Reserve.
  • The Federal Reserve is NOT federal. It is in fact a private central bank over which the people of this nation, through their congressional ‘representatives’ have NO real authority. The use of the word “federal” is a deliberate ruse to mislead and confuse everyday ordinary people in this nation and mask the fact that it is a private central bank that steals money from the people and manipulates financial markets to the advantage of the corporate power elite. In the words of activist, author, and talk show host Michael Rivero, “The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.”
  • To gain additional specific insight into exactly how corporate banksters have and continue to stop at NOTHING in order to constantly economically bloodsuck the people of this nation, be sure to view the highly informative and powerful presentation, All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars, by Michael Rivero.

Barack Obama—an insidiously effective weapon against the ordinary people: … //

… Time for clarity and renewed creative struggle:

  • We in this nation, and indeed humanity as a whole, have reached an important crossroads in our collective existence on this planet.
  • Either we will allow ourselves to continue to be bamboozled, harvested, and economically, politically, and often quite literally slaughtered, or, we will reject and stop feeding, and being fed to, the corporately fascist, police-state U.S. political machine. The choice rests with us.
  • We already know that the corporate-owned politicians and other de facto gatekeepers of and for this corrupt political system will continue in their efforts to confuse and manipulate everyday ordinary people of all colors at home and abroad (Reference: Intrepid Report, Barack Obama’s de facto totalitarian nation). However, our task is to creatively find the ways and means to collectively resist and free ourselves from the bloody clutches of this U.S. corporate fascist state. The corporate-owned Barack Obama and his Democrat and Republican minions have laid the foundation for blatant fascism in the U.S., and it is WE THE EVERYDAY ORDINARY PEOPLE who must throw euphemistic wrenches into the U.S. corporate fascist political machine.
  • It is time for clarity and a renewal and reinvigorating of the collective human spirit and struggle in this nation. This is our obligation to ourselves, each other, and our precious Mother Earth.
  • Remember: Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Onward, then, my sisters and brothers. Onward!

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